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Armored Personnel Carrier

An armored personnel carrier or APC is a world object in Fallout 76.


A vehicle used in military operations before the Great War, found in various locations across the Appalachian region.


There are three variants of APCs in Appalachia. One is missing the back entrance door, the second is accessible with the door open, reaching to the ground and serving as a ramp, and the third is found with the back entrance sealed. In the interior of vehicles that can be explored, aid items such as stimpaks can be found alongside level-dependent weapons.[Pub 1]

The vehicle has six wheels, several guns affixed to the front and top, and reflective lines on the left and right corner of the front bumper. There are three stars adoring the sides and front, among labeled notches reading "STEP" leading to the roof. In addition, the numbers "1370220" in white paint on each side. The interior contains two benches on each side, storage labeled with numbers and instructions to the left of the door reading, "power armor units must stand." A larger tracked version is available through Fallout 1st, and exists as a reskin for the survival tent.

There are 46 armored personnel carriers total throughout the region, including 14 without back doors, seven open with door ramp, and 25 that are sealed. Specific locations and variants are listed as followed.


Image Variant Locations
Doorless Two outside of Beckley
Doorless At Camp McClintock
FO76 Vehicle list 31.png Doorless Three to the west of Vault 76 near a military checkpoint
FO76 Location world obj 15.png Doorless In a convoy near Flatwoods and the overseer's camp
Doorless Five outside of Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06
Doorless At Fort Atlas
Open One is outside the Watoga Civic Center
Open At Morgantown Airport
Open At Thunder Mountain Power Plant yard
Open One is near the gates of Wade Airport
Closed Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
FO76 Location world obj 11.png Closed Outside of Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06.
Closed Converted munitions factory
FO76 APC Huntersv.png Closed West Tek research facility
Closed Monongah power plant
FO76 military convoy.png Closed Three near Bolton Greens
FO76 Vehicle list 34.png Closed One is near the gates of Wade Airport.
Closed At Thunder Mountain Power Plant yard.
Closed Forward Station Delta
FO76 Vehicle 1 30 9.png Closed Huntersville
FO76 191020 Morgantown HS APC.png Closed Morgantown High School



  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p.298: "25. ANCHOR FARM
    This small farmstead has a large rusting anchor (the namesake of the abode) that is slowly rotting into the moist earth. A parked (and unusable) plane sits close to the (inaccessible) farmhouse. Check the road for a military APC for a better scavenging potential."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide/Atlas of Appalachia)