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Armor Ace helmet backpack flair

Display your love of Armor Ace with the Armor Ace Helmet Backpack Flair for your backpacks.

Armor Ace helmet backpack flair is an armor mod for backpacks in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


A small decorative Armor Ace power armor helmet, which attaches to a backpack. The flair is cosmetic, attachable to the left, right, or both sides of a backpack, with a maximum of two.


It can only be crafted onto an existing backpack and cannot be crafted as a loose mod. Crafting a new flair will destroy any previously equipped flairs in the same slot.

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Armor Ace helmet backpack flair (1)


Craftable at any armor workbench with the correct materials after unlocking at rank 86 in The Scribe of Avalon, the third season.