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ArmCo ammunition construction appliance

The ArmCo ammunition construction appliance, or ArmCo ACA, is a workshop object in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


Similar to mineral extractors and Scavenger Collectron stations, the ArmCo ammunition construction appliance produces a certain amount of ammo dependent on the type chosen in the terminal. Unlike mineral extractors, the machine does not require power to function.

The construction appliance produces a set amount of ammunition every 1.44 minutes, with the exception of .50 Rounds being produced every three minutes. The machine's container can hold up to one pound of generated ammo.

Ammo type Amount Production interval Maximum of rounds storable in container Time to fill container up
.38 round 5 1.44 minutes 333 rounds 1.58 hours
10mm round 200 rounds 0.96 hours
5.56 round
5mm round 1000 rounds 4.8 hours
.44 Round 2 250 rounds 3 hours
.45 Round 333 rounds 3.98 hours
.308 Round 1 166 rounds

Fusion cell 200 rounds 4.8 hours
Gamma round 100 rounds 2.4 hours
Plasma cartridge 33 rounds 0.79 hours
Shotgun shell 166 rounds 3.98 hours
.50 Round 3 minutes 200 rounds 10 hours


Copper (1)
Gear (1)
Steel (3)
Build at:
Learn Method:
ArmCo ammunition
construction appliance (1)


The ArmCo ammunition construction appliance can be built at a C.A.M.P. if the corresponding plan is known. The plan can be bought from Mortimer for 750 Gold Bullion upon reaching the Raiders reputation rank of Ally.


  • It cannot be crafted at a teammate's C.A.M.P.
  • The ammunition container can be locked.
  • The terminal cannot be altered.