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Antonio Salavar was the ex-husband of Gabriella Salavar and an employee of the Vault-Tec Corporation.


Antonio and Gabriella went through a messy divorce and custody fight over their daughter Angelique. As the leader of a religious congregation, Gabriella excommunicated Antonio from the church and cut off contact with him. Afterward, Antonio got a job at Vault-Tec and used his position there to submit Gabriella's name as a potential overseer for Vault 94. He knew of the vault's true purpose and led Gabriella into a trap by disguising it as an opportunity for her congregation to establish a new, nonviolent community.[1] Gabriella was ultimately chosen as the vault's overseer and its residents were massacred by outsiders in 2078.[2]


Antonio Salavar is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuclear Winter update.