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Antonio Childs was a work foreman in Harpers Ferry before the Great War.


At some point in the 2070s, Antonio, a capable and respected builder in the area, quit his job with Sunnyfield Construction and disappeared for weeks on end. When he returned to Harpers Ferry, he brought with him an extraordinary amount of cash, which he used to buy one of the biggest houses in town. His neighbors began to spread rumors about him, speculating on how he acquired the money.

In an interview with Flavia Stabo, one of Antonio's best friends said that Antonio found a cushy government contract and began skimming money on the side. Antonio was later found dead in the Harpers Ferry Trainyard, having been robbed and murdered by a group of three unidentified men.

Detectives determined that he was struck with a blunt object from behind multiple times. It was the first violent incident in town after the curfew was lifted from the Clay Riot the previous week. Flavia believed that his death was part of a larger government conspiracy.[1][2]


Antonio Childs is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.