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I think you need to turn off your Stealth Boy, ma'am.— The Chosen One

Anna Winslow is a deceased woman found as a Ghost at The Den in Fallout 2.


Anna Winslow was born to Mr. Christopher Winslow and Mrs. Tamara Winslow. According to the Great Ananias, she was a great queen that "ruled all of the surrounding town," using a "magic" Gold Locket kept around her neck to keep her throne.

Around two years back, Joey, or the "evil wizard," stole Anna's locket while sleeping in the house next to the Great Ananias. Since the event, Anna's ghost has appeared in the house during the night, with Ananias locking the door as a result.


Anna’s ghost appears near the graveyard in the wee hours of the morning. No one can explain this pining spirit. If you talk to the wraith and retrieve her golden locket from Joey, you'll gain good Karma.Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.131


Anna's ghost will appear at midnight after speaking to the Great Ananias about a ghost haunting the opposing room, mentioning that her Gold Locket was stolen and that her ghost has haunted the room since, startin the quest Return Anna's locket. The player can discover from Mom that Joey had stole the locket and kept it for himself.

Upon retrieving the locket and returning it to Anna, she will state "I'm coming, Daddy! I'm coming!" After exiting dialogue, she may also state "Mommy... Daddy... I'm coming...," as well as "Grammy, I can see you..." She can also state "Oh, it's the kind Mr. Cain. It's good to see you again..." Afterwards, she will disappear and drop Anna's Bones. Her bones must be buried at the grave marked "Anna Winslow" at the graveyard to complete the quest.

Interactions overview

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
- - - Anna's bones


Anna Winslow appears in Fallout 2.