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Anise Ciroletti was the chief scientist of the brain extraction and reconditioning department at RB-2851.


As the head of the reconditioning department, Ciroletti believed in a hands-on approach to her work, performing cerebral reconditioning on harvested brains and determining their viability for use in Robobrains. Despite dealing with unstable, panicked, or otherwise damaged brains, she was able to select compatible brains and debug faults in already used ones.[1][2][3][4] New hires for her her team working on this project were cause for excitement.[5]

Ciroletti had very little patience for errors from her team, even those that were not directly the fault of any one person,[6] and even less for wasting her research budget.[7] The potential for test subjects, gathered predominantly from prisons across the nation, to injure her scientists was constantly on her mind and she repeatedly requested additional military security to reduce the risk to her team.[8]


Anise Ciroletti is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.