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The Angry Anaconda is a location in the Nuka-World Amusement Park in Fallout 4.


This roller coaster was intended to be opened to the public in 2078, but was never completed.[1] When the bombs fell, Dr. Hein was being held hostage by Chipmunk, Mouse, Rabbit, and Robin, members of the A.F.A.D.[2]


The coaster itself is almost complete, missing only a few sections, but inaccessible from the ground. Decaying construction equipment and trailers are strewn about the space under it, and there are several scaffolding structures near the pillars reaching partway up their height. A bedroll is located atop the westernmost one. The Expert locked trailer shed is surrounded by radioactive barrels and a fusion reactor standing nearby.

Directly south of the construction site, a small ravine in the rocks leads down into the river flowing through a gap in the walls of Safari Adventure, providing a secondary access point from the north side of the park. To the east of the site lies a crashed vertibird. The area is inhabited by several gatorclaws upon initial arrival.



If the player character first enters the Safari Adventure zone and automatically receives the respective quest when approaching from this side, Cito will make his way to them from the south entrance, which will take a bit of time. The dialogue and quest then proceed as normal, with Cito leading the player character to the primate house from the north instead.


The Angry Anaconda appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka World.



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    Nuka-World Information Terminal
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