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Angelique Salavar was the daughter of Gabriella Salavar, the religious leader of Vault 94.[1]


Angelique served as a nursery aid, alongside nurses Leah Rossi and Rachel Hendricks.

Sometime after being brought into the vault, Angelique found herself unable to sleep and began crying in the atrium. She was comforted by the maintenance engineer Tyrone Hayes. Over the next few months, the two began spending more and more time together, though Gabriella kept a close eye on their interactions.

The couple became engaged on August 28, 2078. When Tyrone revealed his special instructions from Vault-Tec declaring him the true overseer and how opening the vault to violent survivors was the ultimate goal, Angelique was shocked and her relationship with Tyrone was severely damaged. Like every other dweller, she was eventually killed by the wastelanders from Harpers Ferry.[2] She called out for her mother just before her death.[3]


Angelique Salavar is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuclear Winter update.