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Andrew Kishino is a Canadian actor who voiced Jonah Ito, a radio signal and Rocco, as well as male Mothman cultists and raiders in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


Fallout series

2020WastelandersJonah Ito
Radio signal
Cultists (male)
Raiders (male)

Other work

2004EverQuest IILieutenant Fenwell / Froglok Ghoul Assassin / Liege Aquila
2006Saints RowDonnie / White Protagonist / Asian Protagonist / Saints
2008Call of Duty: World at WarTucker
2011Mortal KombatShang Tsung / Sektor
2012Star Wars: The Clone WarsSaw Gerrera / Rebel / Citizen
2012Halo 4Additional Voices
2013Lego Marvel Super HeroesFalcon / Ghost Rider / Hogun / Juggernaut / Kurse / Iron Fist / Silver Samurai
2013-14Family Game NightHimself
2014The Elder Scrolls OnlineOrc / Male Khajiit #2
2015Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.Tin Man
2015-17Steven UniverseKevin / Derrick
2016XCOM 2U.S. Soldiers
2016-19The Lion GuardJanja / Hitashi / Ora
2017Horizon Zero DawnTulemak / Additional Voices
2017Mass Effect: AndromedaAdditional Voices
2017FortniteTrailblaster A.C.
2020Final Fantasy VII RemakeBeck
2020Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarAdditional Voices
2021-presentStar Wars: The Bad BatchSaw Gerrera