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Anchorage Invasion holotapes

Anchorage Invasion holotapes are holotapes found in the Anchorage Cliffs area, Chinese Artillery Outpost and U.S. Army field headquarters in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.


The fourth holotape, in the Chinese Artillery Outpost

The first three of the holotapes can be found next to the corresponding intel suitcases that are needed to gain the Covert Ops perk.

The fourth can be found a little bit past the room with the fourth intel suitcase. Up the set of double stairs from the first shell storage room is a very easy locked door in a N/S corridor.

The fifth holotape is in the command tent where the setting switches to, after the end of the quest The Guns of Anchorage.

The sixth tape can be found in Doctor Adami's tent.


Holotape - Bombardment

Fo3OA field storage intel1.jpg

Audio Log Begin.

This is Captain Zachary Lloyd, United States Army, Anchorage, Alaska security detachment!

We are approximately two hours into the Chinese assault on this outpost!

We are being shelled non-stop, indiscriminately! The entire base is under bombardment from the Chinese ships, and they don't care who they hit!

All accounts indicate they've actually killed more of their own men than ours! They just do not seem to care about their own troops, at all!

At this rate, the entire mountain will be a graveyard in less than an hour, and then the Chinese will just move in and set up shop!

God help us! God help America!

Holotape - Goodbye

Fo3OA field storage intel2.jpg

Molly, I hope this tape gets to you, someway somehow. I don't have a lot of time, but you need to know what happened to me.

The early reports weren't bullshit. The Chinese are here. As in, they're invading Anchorage, in force. Right now!

This is the real deal. It makes Pearl Harbor look like an academy exercise. I've never seen so many goddamned warships.

Sergeant Lowry has ordered the platoon to assemble in the mess in fifteen minutes.

The plan is to dig in on the cliffs, and slow the Chinese advance until the civilian contractors can evacuate.

And then... Then we hold the line, for as long as we can. I talked to Durney, Ciello and Dallas, and we all agreed - surrender is not an option.

I never told you, but... that night in Cleveland? On the ferris wheel? That was when I fell in love with you.

Goodbye Molly. I... I'm sorry.

This is Private First Class Henry Hodges, signing out.

Holotape - Invasion

Fo3OA Intel3 and holotape Invasion.jpg

Audio log begin.

This is Captain Zachary Lloyd, United States Army, Anchorage, Alaska security detachment.

Approximately 23 minutes ago, Chinese Communist forces set foot on Anchorage soil, despite our soldiers' best efforts to prevent that landing.

As expected, the Chinese have launched a two-pronged attack - one aimed at occupying Anchorage proper, and the other at securing this base.

Thanks to our entrenchment, U.S. casualties here on the mountain are currently minimal, but that's not going to last for long. Chinese reinforcements appear to be... endless. It's just a matter of time before we're overrun.

We'll die today, but by God we'll give those Communist sonsabitches a black eye they'll never forget.

Lloyd out.

Holotape - Overrun

Fo3OA holotape overrun.jpg

Oh, Molly... I'm Sorry. I am so sorry.

I can't do this. I'm so afraid, Molly. I don't want to die. Oh my God, I don't want to die...

We held them as long as we could, I swear we did. Then Ciello asked for a magazine, and when I turned to give it to him, a shell hit, and...

He's gone, Molly. He was there one second, and then he wasn't. His blood... and, and... bits of him... Ohh... my God, he's all over me!

Please, please, please, let them leave, let them leave, let them leave. I just want to come home. I just want to be with you again.

I'm hiding now. The Chinese are everywhere. I'm a coward, I'm a coward I know. But I don't care. If they find me, I'm surrendering.

Holotape - I'm Okay

Fo3OA holotape - I'm Okay.jpg

Molly, I'm... I'm okay. Everything's fine. I was found, but not by the Chinese. It was the Captain, he found me. Cap says everything will be okay.

It's been a few hours, and I'm tired, but I wanted to let you know I'm all right. I'm in the refinery now, resting.

Cap brought me here. We snuck around the Chinese and made it in. It's the last place they haven't taken.

I got... I got shot, Molly. In the shoulder. And back. When Cap and I evacuated the mountain. It's not bad. Just a few bullets. Souvenirs, right?

Cap jabbed me with a bunch of meds, so I can't feel much of anything anymore. He patched me up pretty good, too. Still bleedin', but that'll stop.

I can hear Cap and the others out in the yard, fighting. So much gunfire. They'll kill those Chinese bastards, and then we can all come home...

Holotape - Psycho

Fo3OA holotape Psycho.jpg

Physician's Log, Doctor Adrienn Adami, United States Army, Anchorage, Alaska forward base.

Considering what's at stake, General Chase and I both feel the chem codenamed "Psycho" can be of significant use during this operation.

I've read the early clinical trials, and there are certainly some possible side effects -- dementia, psychotic aggression. And of course addiction.

But the adverse effects seem limited. Okay, I do realize the chem was developed by Chase's R&D division, but if the thing works it works.

Can we really afford to be picky at this point? Some of these groundpounders have family in Anchorage. I'll give them any boost I damn well can.

I just hope my Hippocratic Oath is still speaking to me when this whole mess is over with...