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Anchor farm is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.[1][2]


A farm to the northwest of Vault 76. In the days after the Great War, all of its inhabitants except a woman named Darla were evacuated to Flatwoods by the U.S. military.[3] Others later attempted to claim the location, but all were killed or fled.

A family led by Daniel took up residence on the farm, restoring and fortifying the location. Not long after their arrival, they were extorted by Roper, the leader of the Free Radicals. Although one resident, Maggie, vehemently opposed making any sort of deal with them, Daniel secretly killed her so that they could work out an agreement with the gang and not be wiped out.


This farmhouse, opened with Wastelanders, is a two-story home with two bedrooms. There is an old APC on the road and several soot flowers, glowing fungus, and tato plants found on the grounds. The farm has access to purified water via an industrial water purifier atop the small pond north of the farmhouse, and electricity from a generator.

The "anchor" in Anchor farm refers to a large anchor displayed outside of the house. On the other end of the farm is a damaged blue and yellow biplane resting near the house, next to a makeshift repair shop with a chemistry station, cooking station, tinker's workbench, and weapons workbench. Murray can be found around this area. Some other minor loot can be found here, including a cooler sitting by a tree. A Brahmin pen is located on the east side of the house.

Several guard stations can be found around the farm. A guard post on the roof manned by Ursala can be accessed by climbing stairs found at a wooden shack with an armor workbench. Another post built atop a water tower can be found behind the farm, occupied by Xavier at night. A small fenced-in farm plot with silt beans, tatos, razorgrain, and pumpkins is located nearby.



Related quests


Note to Darla was previously removed with Wastelanders.


Anchor farm appears in Fallout 76, and was expanded upon in the Wastelanders update.





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