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Analyze Their Drug Stockpile

Analyze Their Drug Stockpile was going to be a quest in Van Buren. It is located at Denver.


They have a lot of stuff stashed, but some of it is unlabeled, and they don't know what most of the labeled stuff does. Jimmy T asks for assistance with this.

Character type completion breakdown

Science Boy - Is best, but any character can do some of them.

Journal Entries

Normal Journal

1 Jimmy T in Denver asked me to look over their stockpile of drugs and figure out what's useful and what's gone bad. Since he mostly knows tribal medicine, the names of the drugs don't mean anything to him and he doesn't want to experiment with drugs that might be dangerous.
2Quest finishedThough I didn't know what all of it did, I was able to help Jimmy T sort out some of his drug stockpile. As a thank-you, he gave me XXX.
3Quest finishedI identified the salvagers' drugs for Jimmy T. As a thank you, he gave me XXX.

Dumb Journal

1 Jimmy in Denver not know what drugs do. He know tribal medicine, not city medicine, so city medicine names confuse him.
2Quest finishedMe not know all, but me tell Jimmy what some of his drugs do. He said thank you and gave me XXX.
3Quest finishedMe tell Jimmy what the drugs do. He said thank you and gave me XXX.