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Ammo boxes are containers found in Fallout 76.


The boxes contain leveled loot including a variety of ammunition types. The box is marked as followed:

  • Side: 1000 CARTRIDGES 7.62MM (A165)
    FUNC (ST. ACL) 138454
  • Top front: 1500 CARTIRDIGES CAP. 7.62 MM. MIL
    1 M62, 5 M80, 2 M13
    FUNC LOT LC L 139454 70
    M62 LOT LC -10 -72
    M60 LOT LC -1 -126
  • Bottom front: 122 AVG MT 1.3 CU
    USE IN MG. GAU-2B/A OR M134
    1305-925-3912 (A165).


Ammo boxes appear in Fallout 76.