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Defend Rover while he repairs the communications uplink!

Event: Always Vigilant is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Repair Rover.
  2. Protect Rover as it completes repairs.
  3. Reboot "Scorched Detection Communications" protocol.

Detailed walkthrough

When the event appears on the map, head over to the relay tower to begin the quest. Right off the bat, focus on repairing Rover, the Free States Eyebot, so it can begin repairs on the communication uplink for the relay tower's Scorched Detection System, which takes five minutes to complete. During the process, Rover will be attacked by enemies, possibly robots, super mutants, or Scorched, based on the relay tower's location in either The Forest, Ash Heap, or the Savage Divide, and needs to be protected. If Rover is damaged, it needs to be repaired again to resume its own repair work, but there is only a minute to fix Rover before the quest is automatically failed for not repairing Rover in time and it retreats to its pod until the quest is available again. Once Rover has finished the repairs to the communication uplink, it will retreat to its recharging pod and return to sleep until the quest becomes active again at another relay tower that Rover's pod is found at. At that point, the player character needs to go inside the relay tower and use the terminal there that is used for calling in supply drops with the US government supply requisition holotapes to reboot the Scorched Detection System, completing the quest.

However, if the quest is joined with less than five minutes left on the event's duration timer, Rover will be unable to complete the repairs before time runs out, automatically failing the event as it retreats to its pod until the quest is active again at another relay tower.


Randomized loot

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Repair Rover.One of Abbie's pre-recorded alerts went off, notifying me that the communications uplink repair robot known as Rover has been damaged. I need to find and repair him at the Relay Tower.
Protect Rover (5:00)I found and repaired Rover at the Relay Tower. I need to stay and protect him while he finishes his work repairing the communications uplink for the Scorched Detection System.
Reboot the systemRover finally finished repairing the communications uplink for the Scorched Detection System. Now, I need to reboot the terminal inside the Relay Tower to bring it back online.


PCPC If Rover is damaged during the quest and subsequently repaired, the blue light may no longer line up with the front of the Eyebot.[verified]