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Alpine River Cabins Guestbook

Alpine River Cabins Guestbook is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found at the Alpine River Cabins, on a small wooden stand on the nature trail, west of the western cabin.



4/17 - Brendon and Laurie Aaronholt - Perfect place to relax for the weekend. Will be back again soon!

5/03 - The Jefferson Family - The kids loved swimming in the pond, and spotting the local deer. Visitors must feed them often. They are everywhere!

5/21 - James, Blake, Allison & Stephanie - Boring! There's nothing to do around here! Won't be coming back!

7/15 - The Taylors - Overall very peaceful location! We heard some weird noises the first night. Assumed it was just teens messing around.

8/05 - Jackson & Beverly Heart - Creepy noises, bears roaming around too close at night, and I swear the pictures on the walls are changing positions. Will not be visiting again!