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Allied Technologies Offices

Allied Technologies Offices is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. It is located south-southeast of Camp McCarran and north of the ant mound.


The offices lie in the disputed territory south of Camp McCarran. To the north at the surrounding walls of the NCR camp, a pair of NCR troopers are found standing guard. Further south are fire ants surrounding their mound. Fiends also spawn around the exterior of the building.

The office building is abandoned with extensive interior damage, due to a collapsed ceiling. Inside the building are many giant ants. There are three main rooms containing desks and lockers holding minor loot. A Sunset Sarsaparilla and two Nuka-Cola vending machines can be found in the back room.


The door to the right (east) accesses a small office of cubicles, and a Giant Ant. Find Fixer and two Star Caps on the desks. Open the broken door to an L shaped corridor and another room with a couple of Giant Ants and broken terminals.Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide/Tour of the Mojave Wasteland



The Allied Technologies Offices appear in Fallout: New Vegas.