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Sssssshhhhhhuuuu... *BOOM!*— Algernon

Algernon is a savant living underneath the New Reno Arms weapon shop in New Reno.


He is a dirty, slack-jawed man who enjoys whistling to himself.[1] A very curious man, Algernon's prowess with all things mechanical is not to be underestimated, although his ability to deal with other people lags behind his ability to repair and upgrade the devices around him. A conversation with Algernon is practically one-sided. Only capable of expressing himself verbally via battle sound onomatopoeia, he nevertheless seems to understand what is said to him. However, Algernon is not kept around for scintillating conversation.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

40 Weaponsmith.png
This character can modify weapons.

See below

Other interactions

Upon sighting any stock weapons, Algernon will get very excited. If he can get his hands upon an unmodified weapon, Al will appear to find true happiness - at least for a few hours - tinkering with the weapon and vastly improving it. This process is not fast, however. Improvements on any weapon will take several hours, but with two distinct advantages over any other wasteland weaponsmiths:

  • He does not require any special parts, aside from the weapon itself.
  • He also charges nothing for the service.

In addition to the more mundane pistols, rifles, and plasma weapons, Algernon can also improve both flamethrowers and the fuel they consume, making the weapons much more powerful. (see below)

A character with a low enough intelligence can start a "childhood cop and robbers" type dialogue with Algernon that results in his death.

Upgrade list

Algernon can upgrade the following:

Base Weapon Upgrade Type
Cattle prod Increased electrical discharge,
Increased damage
"Big Frigger" power fist Upgraded servomotors,
Increased damage
Wattz 1000 laser pistol Magnetic field targeting system,
Increased penetration
Glock 86 plasma pistol Realigned magnetic housing chamber,
+16 battery capacity
Desert Eagle .44 Expanded magazine,
+12 magazine capacity
.44 Magnum revolver Speed loader,
Reload speed halved
Colt Rangemaster hunting rifle All-weather scope,
Increased long-range accuracy
AK-112 assault rifle Assault rifle (exp. mag.),
+76 magazine capacity
FN FAL Low-light scope,
Increased nighttime accuracy
Wattz 2000 laser rifle Upgraded recharging system, recycling chip,
+12 magazine capacity
P94 plasma rifle Hotwired plasma bolt chamber,
Increased damage
Flamer Mixture modification,
Upgraded fuel
Flamethrower fuel Mixture modification,
Upgraded fuel


Apparel Weapon Other items


  • Algernon can be given an empty weapon, and he will upgrade them with "fresh" ammunition.
  • The store back area and the basement have a lot of items that can be upgraded.
  • Algernon is the only person who knows how to upgrade a flamer.


Algernon appears only in Fallout 2.


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