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Alexandria Arms is a location in the Capital Wasteland, near Arlington Library. It is a medium-sized building with only one interior cell. The building is occupied by raiders.



Immediately to the southwest of the hotel, there is a bombed-out building that serves as a post for one additional raider. The building is littered with traps. There are frag mines covering the area leading to the side entrance and tripwires that set off rigged shotguns, bear traps, a girder on a chain, and a pitching machine. There is also an automated turret on the top floor. On the third floor are four safes, three first aid boxes, one locked footlocker, a workbench, a bed, a raider, and some .308 caliber rounds.

When the player leaves and comes back, one raider sniper will usually take residence on the top floor. The lab table is set on top of two safes, one that is locked and one that is open.


The player character enters into an imposing lobby that includes two (non-functioning) grand water fountains and a dozen pillars reaching toward the ceiling. There is also an elevator on the opposite side of the lobby, but the elevator is inaccessible. There are also the remains of victims of the raiders hanging from the ceiling and found elsewhere in the hotel. There are some rather gruesome torsos in the lobby which the player character can grab/move. Upstairs there is another large lobby/meeting room, several Nuka-Cola vending machines, and a set of six well-furnished suites.


  • Duck and Cover! in the southernmost area of the hotel. After proceeding into the large room upstairs, head back downstairs, past the room with the pool table. It's on a wooden bookcase near a fire hose box.
  • Guns and Bullets in the large room upstairs, atop an L-shaped counter along the northern wall of the room. The room is east from the entrance through a set of double doors.
  • One pre-War book on the same L-shaped counter mentioned above.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum behind a locked door, behind the same L-shaped counter. The door and corresponding terminal are Average locked. The Quantum is in a wooden crate on metal shelves down and to the left.


  • To the south of the Alexandria Arms' doorway, inside a fenced area, there is a spawn point for Enclave soldiers. A Vertibird will spawn and drop up to three soldiers, who often clash with the adjacent raiders. The encounter respawns every 72 in game hours.
  • Just outside the entrance is a random encounter location.
  • Some of the queen-sized beds in the suites give the Well Rested effect.


Alexandria Arms appears only in Fallout 3.