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Alexander (Fallout: New Vegas)/Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Alexander.


188AlexanderAboutCaravans Tell me about Gun Runner caravans. Neutral 50 Not much to tell. A brahmin or two loaded up with weapons, and a whole mess of well-armed guards to make sure it ends up where it's supposed to. 1
Neutral 50 One nifty bit, though. The gun cases are rigged to explode. So trying to loot one of our caravans doesn't do much good. 2
Neutral 50 And that's how the NCR stays equipped. The only thing we don't bring in is energy weapons. 3
188AlexanderAboutGunRunners Tell me about the Gun Runners. Happy 50 The Gun Runners have been putting rapid-fire death-dealing in the hands of anyone who needed to defend himself for over a century. 4
Neutral 50 We're the NCR's #1 supplier of weapons and ammunition. You might call us an unofficial branch of the army. 5
188AlexanderAboutYourRole What do you do? Anger 50 I'm a salesman. I swing through McCarran and the dam once a week or so to take orders. But lately I spend most of my time in this piss heap. 6
Neutral 50 Ever since the 15 shut down, all caravans come through here - right to me. I check the stock and direct deliveries onward to meet orders. 7
Happy 50 Sure, it stinks to hang out here, but it won't be forever. Plus I can afford a monthly bender on the Strip and still build up my nest egg. 8
188AlexanderAreYouSelling I'd like to see what you have for sale. Anger 50 Am I selling? Yeah. Am I selling to you? No. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but you're small time. Move along. 9
188AlexanderBuySell So where can I buy some weapons? Neutral 50 There's usually a gun merchant hanging around topside. I'm sure she'll take care of you. 10
188AlexanderGunRunner So you're a Gun Runner? Anger 50 Like you have a clue what that even means. {scoffing} 11
188AlexanderNoEnergyWeapons Why don't you deal in energy weapons? Neutral 50 We used to. But every caravan carrying them was getting ambushed and wiped out. By someone sophisticated enough to know which was which. 12
Anger 50 We think it was the Brotherhood of Steel - those crazies always go hard for energy weapons. But the NCR would rather pretend they killed all of them. 13
188AlexanderPcAchievements I made sure those prisoners won't bother Primm anymore. Anger 50 Still plenty of other problems keeping the 15 shut down, though. Thanks for playing. 14
I restored rule of law to Primm. Neutral 50 That'll help. Still plenty of problems out that way, though. 15
188AlexanderPcAchievements Anger 50 You took out a Deathclaw nest? Either you're lying, or you're tougher than you look. 16
Anger 50 Still plenty of troubles out that way, though. Thanks for playing. 17
I've cleared all the trouble west of here. Caravans can start using I-15 again. Anger 50 That's impressive - if you're telling the truth. 18
Neutral 50 Still, it'll take some time for routes to readjust. I expect I'll be working from here for the foreseeable future. 19
188AlexanderSeeInventory I figure a guy like you gets his pick of killing gear. (>40) Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] You might be on to something. I like to hang on to any weapons mods I run across... 20
Neutral 50 Take a look. 21
A gun nut like you must have some weapons stashed around here. Anger 50 [FAILED] Do I look like a fucking arms caravan to you? 22
Anger 50 Do you think the Gun Runners keep the NCR military supplied by carrying weapons and ammo from the Boneyard out here by the armload? 23
Anger 50 Get a clue. We have caravans. We deal in bulk. 24
Let me see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Take a look. 25
188AlexanderThreaten I don't like your attitude. Anger 50 You like it any better if I tell you to fuck off? 26
GREETING GREETING Anger 50 Is there some reason I should be talking to you? {disdaining} 27
GREETING Anger 50 Still making a nuisance of yourself? 28