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Al Wortzik was a switch tower operator for the New Appalachian Railroad company before the Great War.


Wortzik conspired with Cary Skinner and Skinner's brother to rob New Appalachia Bank armored train car 781 at the central trainyard in late September 2077.[1][2] Skinner laid out the plans of the heist to Wortzik, offering a three-way split of the proceeds in exchange for their role in manipulating the switches at the central trainyard.[1]

Wortzik sent a map of the trainyard and timing information in advance, allowing Skinner to see the overview and provide instructions as to what needed to be done to facilitate the theft.[1][3] After the train car was loaded, Wortzik would delay or inhibit its ability to leave the station, allowing the contents to be intercepted. Skinner provided additional instructions to provide cover for them from one of the switch-towers as they completed this task, in case someone tried to sneak up on them.[3]

Three days before executing the job, Skinner sent a message to Wortzik with the final timetable and instructions as to where to meet up after the fact.[4] The heist was not successful, with an explosion at the bank causing the building to be inhabitable while simultaneously causing several deaths.[2] A few days later, trainyard supervisor Marlin Rellicker requested that Wortzik report to the central office, as federal authorities wished to question them regarding the events.[5]


Al Wortzik is mentioned only in Fallout 76.