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Aisha Hunter was an undergraduate student at Vault-Tec University before the Great War.


Aisha was a senior in Erik DeMarcos' VP499 class in 2076. She developed an emergency protocol (AV-992) for eliminating computer viruses in a Vault. Specifically, the protocol would automatically eliminate simple viruses and used adaptive monitoring to respond to a virus. In the event of a more complicated virus taking hold, the protocol would use analytic systems to "deconstruct the virus, identify vulnerabilities, and coordinate appropriate scan and repair procedures."[1]

Professor DeMarcos gave Aisha's project an F, commenting that it was "by far, the most over-engineered protocol in [the] entire database." Despite her failing grade, Aisha's program was later included in the database for the Vault-Tec Emergency Management System, and it was used as an example protocol in Vault 96, which DeMarcos was the overseer of.[1][2]


Aisha Hunter is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Locked & Loaded update.