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An airplane is a large commercial jet aircraft utilized for transport before the Great War.[1]


During the Great War, the shock waves crippled the vehicles mid-flight, causing crash landings such as with Skylanes Flight 1981 and Skylanes Flight 1665.[2][3][4][5]

The walls of an airliner are made of Steel.[6] It's engines are made of high-grade aluminum and steel.[7][8]

The airliner is made of multiple sections with multiple floors. On the top floor is the cockpit where a Flight Data Recorder can be found, and sometimes a first aid kit. It is seperated from the rest of the aircraft by a staircase and sometimes a terminal-locked security door. Behind the cockpit, in the main cabin section, is a small area on the top floor that can carry cargo or more passenger seating.

The central floor contains the majority of passenger seating throughout the fuselage, and throughout the wings, although both can sometimes carry cargo containers instead, and at least one example has cages built into it's wing. The wings can carry cargo individually even if the other sections of the main floor carry passengers. There's a circuit breaker by the doorway leading from the fuselage to the wing section that controls that wing's marker lights. The nose of the main floor, in front of the stairwell to the cockpit, contains restrooms.

The bottom level of the aircraft, along the whole bottom of the fuselage, is the main cargo area on all aircraft, and contains a secret locked smuggling compartment.[9]


Airplanes transported cargo and passengers, the wrecks of which can be found throughout the Commonwealth. Pieces of the aircraft, including the fuselage, wings, engine, and tail can be found scattered in the crash sites.

The aircraft is marked with the logos and names of pre-War companies, such as Horizon Airlines and Skylanes Air. The debris from airplane crashes is used after the war as housing, and Super Mutants, ghouls, raiders, and Gunners can often be found near crashed aircraft.



Airplanes appear in Fallout 4.



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