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Don't you look absolutely...miserable. Pull up a stool and lay down a few Caps, tell Uncle Ahzrukhal all about it.

Ahzrukhal is the bartender who runs The Ninth Circle in Fallout 3.


As a bartender, Ahzrukhal initially only offers alcohol, but through dialogue options (no Speech check), it is possible to convince him to offer drugs like Buffout, Jet and Psycho.


Although well-mannered and a natty dresser, Ahzrukhal (the proprietor of the Ninth Circle Bar) is sneaky and sleazy, and is adept at feeding peoples’ misery. In Ahzrukhal’s narrow view of the world, the more miserable you are, the more you drink, and the more you drink, the more money ends up in his pocket. He hates competition, and wishes he could rid himself of Carol and Greta.Fallout 3 Official Game Guide/Wasteland Census

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.
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This character is involved in quests.
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This character is a merchant.
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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Dirty pre-War businesswear Chinese Pistol Ninth Circle supply key


  • Attempting to speak to him with a gun drawn leads him to threaten to unleash Charon.
  • Turning off the radio at the bar causes Ahzrukhal to shout at the Lone Wanderer and turn it back on. Doing it enough will make him attack.
  • Hacking Ahzrukhal's computer will reveal some of his misdeeds, including planning to steal medicine from Doc Barrows to sell at his bar.
  • Killing him will make Underworld hostile, but Charon will talk as if he is still alive.
  • Obtaining Charon's contract will lead to Charon killing Ahzrukhal and eliminating a potential vendor for chems and alcohol.
  • He is one of only nine named characters in the base game to have "Very Evil" Karma.
  • His name is spelled "Akzrukhal" or "Ahzurkhal" in some of his dialogue.



Ahzrukhal appears in Fallout 3.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes when you inform Charon that you have obtained his contract, he will walk up to Ahzrukhal and do nothing, particularly if Ahzrukhal is asleep. This will prevent you from talking to both Charon and Ahzrukhal. [verified]