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Ae-Ri > Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Ae-Ri.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003FBBE6 003FBBE8 Got anything cool to sell? Preferably something sharp and serrated.
Vendor dialogue.
2 003FBBE9 Come on, Seventy-Six, I know there's some crazy shit out there you're just dying to sell me.
Vendor dialogue.
3 003FBBEA Seriously? You look like you need an upgrade, and I got mods for all kinds of killing.
Vendor dialogue.
4 003FBBEB If you're looking to kill something, I got just what you need.
Vendor dialogue.
5 003FBBEC Been tinkering with some new stuff if you're looking for an edge... literally or figuratively.
Vendor dialogue.
21 004033E9 Don't let me forget. I gotta recalibrate that scope for Surge. When someone asks for deadly precision, who am I to let them down?
22 004033EA I bet some Deathclaw teeth will make a nice counterweight on my latest project. Human teeth are just too light.
23 004033EB I love a good pile of metal scrap. The possibilities are endless.
24 004033EC Hey, just because something's stolen doesn't mean the quality is any less, right?
25 004033ED I'm so tired of these pipe pistols and combat knives. People need to get more interesting shit to steal.
46 0053AFB3 Next time you make me drink something for my health, better bring me a damn good chaser.
47 0053AFB4 Glad you brought Lou back. Without his expertise, some of my creations wouldn't be nearly as fun.
48 0053AFB5 That Ra-Ra's nothing but trouble. Good thing we like trouble around here.
49 0053AFB6 Heard you got a taste of the old arena. Nice to see you made it out alive.
50 0053AFB7 I hate how traitors never want to show their faces around us again. I got plenty of guns that could use a test run.
51 0053AFB8 I heard congratulations are in order. I knew I had a good feeling about you.
75 0055464E It's too bad about Lou... I'm going to miss his explosive expertise.
Lou was killed. She's sad, but only at the loss of his knowledge.
89 005619EB Walk. Away.
Hates the player.
90 005619EC Nope. Not serving random assholes today.
Hates the player.
91 005619ED Eh... loser.
Hates the player. Makes a disgusted noise, and then calls the player a loser.
102 00585844 After what you pulled, you're lucky money still talks. Otherwise, you could piss off.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0042E33C 0042E3C8 You know what I do remember? How to use a gun... and where you sleep... so get the hell out of here with your shit attitude, man.
2 0042E3C9 Eh, I don't like your attitude, and you don't want to pick a fight with me. So turn around and walk away why you still got legs to do it.
3 0042E3CA Better question, does it look like I care? And before you think too hard, the answer is no, so... see ya.
4 0042E33D 0042E3AC Hmm, doesn't sound familiar. May have been something custom I did. You know me, I can't keep all those things straight in my head.
5 0042E3AD Uh... no? It does sound like something I'd make, though. If I saw it, I'd know for sure.
6 0042E3AE My guess would be that if it worked and was amazing, then yes... But if it's busted... No idea what you're talking about.