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Advanced settlement structures

The advanced settlement structures are unlocked by meeting specific criteria:

  • After completing the first quest in Automatron, you unlock the Robot Workbench.
  • Picking up Fallout 4 magazines, such as Picket Fences and specific issues of the Wasteland Survival Guide.
  • The Cabot House quest line also unlocks a set of portrait paintings.
    • located in : (Build → Decorations → Wall decorations → Paintings)
  • Being friendly to specific factions unlocks flags.
    • located in : (Build → Decorations → Wall decorations → Flags)
  • At The Castle, during the quest Old Guns given by Preston Garvey or Ronnie Shaw, you will be asked to build and test fire an Artillery piece. Upon completion of this quest you will be able to build this cannon at other settlements.
    • located in : (Build → Special)
  • At Bunker Hill, after completing Traffic Jam given by Deb, and Prep School given by Kessler, you will be able to build Caravan Trade Posts at settlements.
    • located in : (Build → Resources → Misc)

Picket Fences magazine locations

Issue Number Name Location Unlocks Exact Position
1 The House of Tomorrow...Today! Beantown Brewery Picket fences In the foreman’s concrete wall office, upper walkways of the main vat room, near the steamer trunk.
2 Modern Hearth! Hardware Town High tech Lights In the upstairs office on the desk with the key, center of the building, near the steamer trunk.
3 Essential Upgrades! Saugus Ironworks Blast Furnace Statues On the catwalk just below the steamer trunk and Bobblehead.
4 Modern Lawn Care! Combat Zone Potted plants On the formica table, ground level near the bar, in front of the main stage.
5 Welcome Home! Weston water treatment plant Patio furniture In the metal office overlooking the generator room, before descending to the main treatment chamber.


Issue #4 Wasteland Survival Guide offers a new decoration item, the lawn flamingo.


Subcategory Name Materials
Picket Fences Gate 3x Wood
Picket fence post 2x Wood
Picket fence 3x Wood
Picket fence long 6x Wood
High tech lights Free standing 1x Glass, 1x Copper, 2x Steel
Hanging 1x Glass, 1x Copper, 2x Steel
Statues Baseball batter 10x copper
Minutemen 10x copper
Lion sitting face left 10x copper
Lion sitting face right 10x copper
Fountain 20x copper
Potted plants Potted plant small 2x Steel, 2x Wood
Potted plant large 2x Steel, 2x Wood
Patio furniture: Patio chair 4x Steel, 2x Plastic
Patio table 10x Steel
Picnic table 8x Wood, 2x Steel