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Advanced receiver (Fallout 4)

An advanced receiver is a weapon mod for the .44 pistol, the 10mm pistol, the assault rifle, the combat shotgun, the double-barrel shotgun, the Deliverer and the lever-action rifle in Fallout 4.


An advanced receiver is the most powerful of the semiautomatic receiver mods one can build or acquire, offering better performance across the board than other such receivers. It offers a more sensitive trigger, improved rate of fire, and damage which is highest of the receivers available (a 75% increase before perks). However, it is generally the last one unlocked, or very rare to find.


Adhesive (4-9)
Aluminum (6-15)
Gears (3-8)
Oil (3-6)
Screw (4-10)
Build/Scrapped at:
Perk (Rank):
Gun Nut (2-4)
Weapon Gun Nut Adhesive Aluminum Gears Oil Screw
.44 pistol 4 6 12 3 4 5
10mm pistol 2 6 9 6 6 6
Assault rifle 4 9 15 7 6 10
Combat shotgun 3 6 11 8 6 6
Double-barrel shotgun 2 4 6 4 3 4
Deliverer 3 7 10 6 6 6
Lever-action rifle Far Harbor (add-on) 3 8 10 7 7 8


Craftable at a weapons workbench or found randomly on various weapons.


  • This mod will add an extra projectile to shotguns.
  • The radium rifle is the only gun that does not benefit from an increased rate of fire when using this receiver.
  • This mod slightly increases reload speed on some guns.
  • The pipe gun, combat rifle, and hunting rifle instead offer upgrades that change the ammo type to a more expensive round, however the increase in damage remains the same as the advanced receiver.