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Adrian Beyr is a character planned for Van Buren.


Adrian Beyr is a very learned man. He has spent the majority of his life traveling the wasteland, digging through the ruins of cities, searching for the written knowledge of the ancients. Over the years, he has found hundreds of books and holodisks, and taken it upon himself to read every one of them. It is through his reading that he finds pleasure and purpose in life. Adrian joined the Followers so that he would have a safe depository for the works that he found, and a safe place to return to when he desired to read them again.

During his travels Adrian heard about the Ouroboros and its resident Goddess, Hecate. Intrigued, he decided to visit and request an audience. Much to his surprise, his request was granted and he found himself standing before Hecate. Unfortunately, Adrian made the mistake of quoting Greek mythology about the Goddess Hecate and found himself imprisoned. He has no idea what he said to cause his predicament.[1]

Interactions overview

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Rescue Adrian: Adrian will ask the Prisoner to help free him from his prison.[2]


Adrian Beyr was to appear only in Van Buren.