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Dr. Adam Veen was a resident of Flatwoods in Appalachia.


A doctor of philosophy, Dr. Veen had an unhealthy diet consisting mostly of snack foods before and after the Great War. He began to experience stomach aches and shakes in August 2096, and traveled to Flatwoods to seek medical help. However, the Responders had abandoned the town by this point, and only a handful of townspeople remained.[1]

Dr. Veen soon realized that the volunteer bots had run out of supplies, and he was forced to scavenge some of the old houses in town.[2] He teamed up with Cullen McLeeder to try and find the other Responders. On September 1, 2096, Dr. Veen and Cullen left to search Morgantown Airport.[3]


Adam Veen is mentioned only in Fallout 76.