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Acquire the Ciphers' enriched uranium

Acquire the Ciphers' enriched uranium was going to be a quest in Van Buren.


Some factions in the wasteland (like the ghouls at the Reservation or the Brotherhood) would love to get their hands on some weapons-grade uranium. The player can find out what the Ciphers have by speaking with the Nemonik and deducing that his ancestors were carrying uranium around, fixing the computer and accessing the old records, or by being thiefy and snooping around the uranium chamber.[1]


There are three ways to get the Uranium.[1]

  1. Stealth Boy - Steal the box of enriched uranium from the Storage Cave. A skilled thief would have to disarm the alarm on the uranium chamber door (Traps/Hard) and pick the lock on the door (Lockpick/Hard) or use the key he stole from the Nemonik (Steal/Hard).
  2. Combat Boy - Butcher any Cipher who gets in the way and just take the uranium.
  3. Charisma Boy - Purchase the uranium from the Ciphers (Barter). The Ciphers have no use for the uranium, but because it is within the cave, they know that it is valuable. The price for the uranium will be adjusted depending on how much the PC has helped the Ciphers out in the past, but they won't give it away for free for any reason.

Journal entry

There were two proposed journal entries. One would be the regular entry, and the other would be a "Dumb Journal Entry", presumably the one that would appear for a character with low Intelligence. The entry also shows the different ways of finishing the quest.

Normal Journal

1 I managed to steal the uranium without getting caught.
2 The Ciphers tried to stop me from taking their uranium, forcing me to kill them.
3Quest finishedI managed to bargain with Azkee to buy the uranium.

Dumb Journal

1 Stole glowing rocks. Nobody saw.
2 Took glowing rocks, painted people not like. Had to kill.
3Quest finishedGave Azkee stuff. Got glowing rocks.