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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the similarly-named company in Fallout: New Vegas, see ACME Realty.

Acme was a defense contractor for the United States government. As per contract 10056–567, it designed, manufactured and supplied humanoid combat robots for the U.S. military.[1]


Acme brand robots appear in Fallout Tactics.


  1. Fallout Tactics character description: "name_CORE_rec_robby = {HR1205}"
    "desc_CORE_rec_robby= {Robot 1205 was liberated by the Brotherhood from repair station 10.92. It is a standard bipedal perambulating humanoid assault robot, built on designs from the Acme company for contract 10056-567 American Government. It is an ass-kicking machine, literally.}"