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Ace the Raider/Dialogue

Ace the Raider > Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Ace the Raider.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 ScavengerCollectron_RaiderHellos 005673FC "How about you stop wasting my time?"
2 005673FD "I know where you sleep at night."
3 005673FE "If I don't get a good cut, I'll be cutting you."
4 005673FF "Get out of my way."
5 00567400 "I like you better when I'm wasted."
6 00567401 "What are you looking at?"
7 ScavengerCollectron_RaiderIdles 005673DA "I could save time if I just steal supplies instead."
8 005673DB "I wonder what human flesh tastes like..."
9 005673DC "A Stimpak? I would rather find some Psycho!"
10 005673DD "Life is better since the bombs fell."
11 005673DE "I miss the days when there were more things to kill."
12 005673DF "I have lots of hobbies. Raiding, murder...raiding.."
13 005673E0 "I love the smell of corpses in the morning!"
14 005673E1 "I'm going to have a wild night with these chems."
15 005673E2 "I need to try some Nukashine, I hear it's a real trip."
16 005673E3 "I think there's a real spark between Rose and me."
17 005673E4 "This CAMP could use more corpses."
18 005673E5 "This gig sure is a downgrade from killing people for Rose."
193 005673E6 "If I don't get more Jet soon, I'll blow a fuse."
19 005673E7 "Is that some whiskey? Aced it!"
20 005673E8 "Sometimes I think about burning this CAMP down."