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Acadia terminal entries

The Acadia terminal entries are entries found on several terminals within Acadia in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Faraday's terminal


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

System Status


Array Status: ONLINE

Memory Integrity: 94.7%

CPU Load: 31.5%

System Errors:
* Array 17 Offline*
* Array 4 Drive Intermittent Response*
* Array 6 Drive B7 Not Responding*

Faraday's Journal


Things are bad. Far Harbor and the Children of Atom are at the brink of warring with each other, and we're caught in the middle. It's the Fog Condensers. We just wanted to protect those people from being wiped out by the Fog, but the Childen of Atom think that's an affront to their god. They want the Fog to spread all over the island, specifically Far Harbor. And the people of Far Harbor hate them right back. They blame the Children of Atom for spreading the Fog, even though that's scientifically unlikely.

If Confessor Martin was still in charge of the Children of Atom, we might have better chances. DiMA and the old Confessor go way back. Martin was the one that found DiMA in the old submarine base, and when Acadia was founded, it was DiMA who gifted Martin and his followers with the base to serve as their new home. They renamed the base "The Nucleus" and we were originally excited to be working together, making the island a safer place for everyone.

But now Confessor Martin has disappeared, and High Confessor Tektus has taken charge. He's a dangerous megalomaniac who wants to destroy Far Harbor at all costs, and he's been threatening us to help him.

Worse, DiMA left behind his original memory banks in The Nucleus when he left to found Acadia. He blames himself for his lack of judgment, but he's too hard on himself. The Children of Atom were our firendsIn-game spelling back when Martin was in charge, and those memory banks would have been difficult to transport. DiMA had plenty of reason to believe they would be safe locked behind the prewar defenses that Martin promised to never tamper with.

DiMA has been on this island more than a century. Anything could be in those memory banks. If the Children of Atom find a way to access all that data, they could find something that would threaten the whole island.

We're running out of time. I've convinced DiMA that we need to send someone to get his memories back. Interfacing with DiMA's offloaded data won't be easy for someone else, so we're working on a computer program together. The program includes a set of instructions that DiMA is going to make to help our agent once they're inside the simulation. It'll also need tools to hack through the internal security protocols that the memory banks have.

I think we should send Chase, but DiMA thinks that's too risky. The Children of Atom know her, and if she's spotted, then it's war. We need to send someone else, if possible, but who?

Download Faraday's Program


Downloading program...



Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Current Projects



Fog Condensers


Version 1.6.2

-- Internal Motors re-worked to correct problems with units becoming off-balance

-- DiMA's proposed upgrades for flow intake integrated

-- Power consumption reduced by 7.2%

-- Feedback from Far Harbor representatives taken into consideration
   -- DiMA's precise words were "...noted and ignored."

DiMA Upgrades


Version 3.5.1

-- Vacuum tubes re-sealed after corrisionIn-game spelling noted in multiple locations

-- Adaptive seating motors re-calibrated; no additional instances of DiMA becoming entangled in memory access apparatus

-- Power couplings upgraded

Personal Note: I am concerned that we are approaching the limits of what DiMA's internal power source can safely accomodateIn-game spelling. Too much more of this and he risks over-working himself.

Past Projects



Reconstruction Surgery 012


Subject [REDACTED] brought in after incident during trip to Acadia.

Significant trauma to left arm repaired; full function restored.

Reconstruction Surgery 009


Subject V5 brought in after incident on island

Severe trauma to head and upper torso; cognitive funcitonsIn-game spelling impaired.
All functionality restored.

Personal Note:

I still struggle with the decisions made. Victoria was almost beyond helping. But what was done... I wonder if it was fair. Objectively, there was no choice, she'd suffered so much damage that the equivalent of a mind-wipe was absolutely necessary. But this can't just be a dispassionate, impartial decision. This was our friend, and we wiped her without her consent. Now she's someone else, and she doesn't even know.

We'll do your best to look after Jule, of course...
We owe her that much.

Reconstruction Surgery 006


Subject S2 brought in requesting facial reconstruction

Surgery completed successfully, with minor scarring. Subject satisfied with procedure; technique improves with every additional attempt.



Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

> Remote Door Control


Remote Door Control Interface
Status: Locked / Unlocked

Unlock Door


Unlocking door...

> Accessing Door...

Lock Door


Locking door...

> Initializing Door...