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Well that's never happened before.— His dying words

Absalom is a hostile wastelander wandering the Commonwealth and even as far as the Island, in Fallout 4.


Absalom is a crazed wastelander who is immediately hostile, heavily armed and extremely dangerous. This roving sniper is not to be underestimated and is a serious threat to travelers in the Commonwealth.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

38 Paradigm of Humanity.png
This character has no special interactions.


Encounter locations

He can be encountered at these locations:


  • He is always hostile to the player character regardless of any external factors or Charisma based perks such as Intimidation.
  • Absalom will say "Well that's never happened before" as he is dying, even if his head has been destroyed.
  • Absalom's level scales up to the player character's which is relatively rare in Fallout 4. He has the same Hit Points and level scaling as most of the game's human companions, with a minimum level of 25 and a maximum level of 50. Thus, up until level 25 he will be tougher than a human companion, and after level 25 he will have exactly the same amount of health as they do up to level 50. This, combined with his full set of combat armor, makes him an especially tough opponent, particularly if he is encountered by the player character at a low level.
  • If he is injured and not killed, he will remain at the same HP the next time he is encountered (but does not respawn).
  • He will not reward the player character any XP upon death.


Absalom appears only in Fallout 4.