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Abigayle Singh/Dialogue

Abigayle Singh > Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Abigayle Singh (holotapes).


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 000022DC 00002CCA Jesus, what am I even doing... This is hopeless. Talking to herself in sad, hopeless reflection.
2 Damn, still recording. Realized she was still recording when she didn't mean to.
3 00002CC0 00002CC8 Then, find the nearest relay tower, upload all that hard earned data... Explaining.
4 Piece of cake, right? *sigh* Right.
5 00002CC1 00002CCC You want to find Senator Sam Blackwell's terminal and use the Master Holotape to download the files we need. Explaining.
6 00002CC2 00002CC7 Hopefully, my network predictions were successful and you're legitimately triggering this next message. Hopeful, slightly nervous.
7 If not, I guess I'm speaking to no one and none of this is going to matter... but I digress. Slightly to herself.
8 00013831 00013833 First step is cake. Look in my desk for a holotape labeled "Master." It's got everything you're going to need to get this done. Trying to make something boring sound exciting.
9 00013832 00013834 Congratulations! You're confirming you upgraded the Scorched Detectors and got Rose to cooperate with the uplink! Pretty impressed, emphasis on the word "and"
10 A pretty impressive accomplishment... Not that I can confirm it. First part is impressed. Second part is too herself.
11 Next on the list... the Scorched Detection Network. Something's gotta link these all together, right? Marquis emphasis on "the Scorched Detection Network."
12 0005A33B 0009EABB Now whenever the Scorched are around, the detectors will pick them up and broadcast a message to your Pip-Boy. Explaining.
13 All that's left is the means to fight them off.
14 If you haven't already, check my terminal to read about the traps we've created for the Scorchbeasts.
15 Hopefully, they're still in working order, and they're your best bet at making those flying freaks manageable.
16 0009E9FD 0009EA4D Ignoring any and all possible glitches, you are officially the most amazing person in all of Appalachia!
17 And hopefully not the only one. Completely an aside, quickly spoken, under breath.
18 The Scorched Detection System is fully up and running!
19 If you had any idea how long it took us to just get half this system functional... Recalling frustration, but still happy because the system is working now.
20 The lives lost... My brother, my dad... And yours truly of course. Sad memories starting to sink in.
21 0019C250 0019C25E So, if all goes well, you'll be hearing from me soon enough. Hopeful.
22 0019C251 0019C25B Scenario 2. Semi-ideal.
23 You made it! And maybe Harpers Ferry is not the nasty Scorchbeast nest I assumed it was.
24 002C8C8E 002C8C90 Once it's been uploaded and installed, I've got another recording set up for you, so make sure you're safe enough to hear it.
25 We fled from Harpers after a Scorchbeast attack, so who knows what lives there now. Be careful. Pretending to be someone else, asking herself a question.
26 0035338A 0035338D Now that you're in, you need to get to Raleigh's terminal and use that Master Holotape to download his routing schematics.
27 0035338B 0035338C Scenario 4, in which I am very impressed.
28 This means you somehow managed to gain access to the Armory and already downloaded the routing schematics.
29 Seems unlikely, but who knows. Either way, I'm feeling positive, so I'm recording this, if anything to at least be thorough.
30 00392507 00392508 Beyond that, the only ones with any real means were the Brotherhood of Steel. Obviously, they didn't last, but they packed some serious fire power. Explaining.
31 They took their last stand somewhere in the Bog at a place called Fort Defiance, but, thanks to their code names, I have no idea where it is. Explaining. Slightly frustrated.
32 You'll want to start at Camp Venture, Eddie's old Survival Training Center. Explaining.
33 I've also put everything I've got on the Brotherhood under an entry called Fort Defiance on my terminal.
34 Good luck out there. And thanks. If this holotape is playing, it means our lives and all this work meant something. Sincere thanks.
35 004E874A 004E8757 You're officially halfway done with the final part of this process. Reflecting, slightly to herself.
36 I mean... It's not like I'll ever really know... but one can hope... right? Emphasis on "I'll" and "really." Mostly to herself, and a little sad.
37 004E874B 004E8754 Next up, the closest Relay Tower you can find where you get to upload all that hard earned data.
38 004E874C 004E8752 Pat yourself on the back 'cause you just got yourself some top secret security codes off a U.S. Senator's terminal.
39 004E874D 004E8756 It should be fun since you get to visit the one and only Charleston Capitol building. Still intact last I saw. Explaining and being conversational.
40 004E874E 004E8755 We need them to set up the communication network for the uplinks and tie everything together.
41 004E874F 004E8751 Bad news is, Raleigh fortified the Armory to protect our research against the Brotherhood of Steel, after they stopped playing nice.
42 There's no outside access to the security we wired up there for safety purposes, so you may need to dodge a few turrets. Explaining.
43 004E8750 004E8753 Then, you're heading to the old Armory in Harpers Ferry.
44 You'll need to install the program called "Armory Access" on the main entrance terminal to get inside.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 002B8EEE 002B8EF7 Sanjay's log: Tygart Water Treatment. About to record some bad news, but nothing that surprised him
2 Where to begin. This place is so far gone. I mean... how? It's not like this building got nuked or anything. Trying to figure out how the water plant could be so damaged
3 Was this place run by animals? Are people that incompetent?
4 We've got fully corroded purifiers, filters, unused mind you, covered in some... black sludge. Disgusted
5 Maria's not going to be happy about this.
6 002B8EEF 002B8EFB Brandon managed to stick me with cleanup duty underneath the Widowmaker. Slightly irritated because Brandon's a jerk.
7 Apparently, some group of kids really lost their lunch on there. Kinda laughing at the kids
8 Typical vomit chain... All it takes is one, and the rest follow suit. Thinking how one person vomits, it makes other people vomit.
9 The pics were priceless by the way. This comment is sort of an aside
10 But the real joke's on Brandon. I found a 100 dollar bill down there plus the usual change. Smirking. Feels she got the upper hand in the deal.
11 People say it's not worth it, but I gotta get out of here somehow... and if sifting through barf for cash makes that work, so be it. Determined
12 002B8EF2 002B8EF5 Hey Riley, it's mom! Just wanted to send you this holotape you can play in case you miss us.
13 We're so proud of you going on your first big adventure! You're going to have so much fun with all your friends! Proud mother
14 I want you to be sure to listen to everything the scout masters and rangers tell you.
15 Remember, most of them are real people, so you can't throw things at them them like your Ms. Nanny.
16 So I don't want to hear any bad reports or get any phone calls in the middle of the night.
17 Mommy and daddy are on vacation, too, okay?
18 We love you very much, and miss you every day! And remember... Best behavior!
19 002B8EF4 002B8EFA Movie idea: Robot Rebellion. A Red Rocket Mega Stop tale of terror. Getting an idea for a movie and pitching it to her holotape
20 With all services automated, who do you turn to when the robots are programmed to kill? Getting an idea for a movie and pitching it to her holotape
21 Eh, last part needs some work, but I'll get Carly to spice it up. Maybe this trip wasn't such a waste after all. Going back to her normal voice.
22 002B8FED 002B8FEE If you think we're just going to reveal our work to an ex-Brotherhood member, think again. Not mean, but serious.
23 You want to see how this system works, then you've got some serious trust to earn.
24 002C60DB 002C60DC Found some ridiculous robot that upgraded me to a deputy.
25 Jokes on him, I guess. Like I'm going to go grab these bombs and turn them in like some honorable citizen.
26 I'm keeping these babies for myself. Wiring's a bit gunked up, but I think I can make them work.
27 Just going to disarm this switch here to make sure it doesn't -- *explosion* The rest of the line is "blow up in my face." We'll be adding an explosion here.
28 003337E8 003337E9 Raleigh gave the all clear. Not sure what I expected, but it definitely wasn't this.
29 I knew the government would get us nuked. Easy population control that you can just blame on the Chinese.
30 Get rid of the unwanted lower class, cherry pick the middle. Leave the government and military to restore whatever order they want.
31 But look at this place. Have fun restoring this infected, mess of a world, you dipshits!
32 003CB255 003CB269 Please understand why I chose not to tell you. Abbie, you are smart enough to see our work through till the end. Emphasis on "you are" because she is not fully confident.
33 Calvin, you're turning into such a fine young man. Your mother would've been proud, but not as proud as me.
34 You two take care of each other. You're going to make it through this. I know it.
35 003CB256 003CB260 I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's. I've still got plenty of time to live a normal life... well as normal as can be expected...
36 But the time will come where my health will deteriorate and I can no longer care for myself.
37 I love you both tremendously, and you know that... but I will not be a burden to you, my children. Especially in these dark times.
38 If everything has gone according to plan, hopefully my death has meant something.
39 003CB257 003CB266 To my dearest Abigayle and Calvin.
40 I've instructed Ella to give you this holotape on the event of my death. Please don't blame anything you're about to hear on her.
41 These are my wishes. Ella has respected them, and I expect you to as well.
42 003CB258 003CB267 I miss my mom... and my dad. You guys are supposed to be here.
43 You took me away from my friends and my life all on your stupid promise that things were going to be fine! That this was best!
44 And is it? I can't do this on my own. I don't want to do this on my own. Abbie's lowest point.
45 I just want things back the way they were.
46 003CB259 003CB265 Why couldn't we just... stay in our bunkers? Why'd we even have to go out there? Abbie's lowest point.
47 I'd rather eat Cram every day and never see the sun again then be stuck here... alone.
48 003CB25A 003CB263 Dear holotape. I'm pretty sure... that everyone I know is dead. Abbie's lowest point.
49 If we hadn't bothered with this stupid, stupid system... they'd all still be here.
50 Well, guess what? If you all die, that kinda defeats the purpose!
51 003CB25B 003CB261 Forget it. There's about a million reasons here, and I seriously can't cover them all. Overwhelmed
52 Maybe the bunker is sinking. Maybe one of those beavers on buffout chewed through the power lines. Maybe the generator just gave up on life. Talking to herself still and thinking of all the absurd things that could have happened.
53 Can't win 'em all, Abbie! Moving on... Another holotape for the trash. Giving herself the type of pep talk a parent gives to a kid who lost a game.
54 003CB25C 003CB278 Scenario 5. A worst case. This recording means my bunker is running on auxiliary power.
55 You have... ideally four hours, potentially less, to somehow restore power and save this system! Struggling with her positivity, but trying to be positive.
56 Let's see. Generator manual is here. Spare parts at Thunder Mountain, that would be fun. Tools... Big sigh at the beginning. Talking to herself. "That would be fun" is very sarcastic. She knows it'd be terrible.
57 003CB25D 003CB264 Ok, I can do this. I can do this. It's for them, not for you. I can do it for them. I can do this. Start out with sighing, any noises that display frustration. Talking to herself, psyching herself up. "Them" is for her dead friends and family.
58 003CB25E 003CB268 Hey there...! Survivor? Bleh, equally terrible. Big breath , clearing throat before starting. Enthusiasm turns to awkwardness, turns to self criticizing.
59 Welcome to my humble bunker where we're all dead! By the way, how about you do a crap ton of super dangerous work that I promise you is worth it? Up beat, friendly, but completely sarcastic because she's noting how futile this entire plan is.
60 You're on board, right? Of course you are, because the fate of humanity depends on it! Friendly/happy sarcasm.
61 And my work here is done! Happy enthusiasm, but knowing she's got a TON of work to do.
62 003CB25F 003CB262 Howdy stranger! Er... oh god, I can't believe I said that. This is stupid. Clears throat at the beginning. This is Abbie's very first holotape.
63 You're all alone. No one to hear, no one judging... and you can't say a simple line. Great. Talking to herself, scolding.
64 003CB39F 003CB3A8 We've been working on this detection system for so long now, I feel like we'll never see the end of it.
65 Detectors, lures, uplinks. I think I'd rather die then head back to another relay tower at this rate.
66 But Raleigh and Niraj say it's worth it, and I believe them.
67 Those Scorched are nasty business...
68 And if I had the means to let people know they're coming, and better yet, maybe take a Scorchbeast out along the way?
69 Hell yeah, I'd say that's worth it.
70 003CB3A0 003CB3AD I feel like it's been non-stop missions for a while now.
71 Gather supplies, head out, take a beating, set up a thing, take a few more beatings, come home, heal up... rinse and repeat.
72 Most days, I'm not even sure how we're still alive.
73 003CB3A1 003CB3AE Some of these survivors proved they aren't completely worthless, too.
74 One guy, Duncan, turned out to be a decent hunter, and another gal, Kendyll, she's a better shot than me.
75 Still, you look at these people struggling here and just think... You bastards had your chance.
76 We practically spelled it out for you and you just turned up your noses and called us crazy.
77 Bunch of idiots...
78 003CB3A2 003CB3AB Things are finally starting to shape up around here at Harpers Ferry.
79 We got a lot of defenses up and running, a real perimeter, and people taking lookout shifts.
80 Niraj is working on some new contraption to help with these brutal storms that sweep through. He said they could filter the air or something.
81 And Ella's got a decent clinic set up with the help of the Responders.
82 It makes me feel like maybe Raleigh was right, and we can have a real go at this.
83 003CB3A3 003CB3AA They seem to have realized what we knew all along... that the government wasn't going to lift a finger to help clean up this mess. Disgusted with the government.
84 The Responders have been at it from the start with no sign of order, so they took it upon themselves to organize and help those in need.
85 It's also a relief to no longer be the only one with a real medical background and training.
86 Derek said he can bring back some supplies and help out a bit. At least until we're more settled. Hopeful
87 Lucy's been a great help, but her training as an aesthetician can only go so far. hopeful/tired
88 003CB3A4 003CB3A9 May 2, 2080. Jesus I'm tired. Ever since we agreed to help rebuild Harpers, it's just been non-stop work. Exhausted from work.
89 These people are in some bad shape. Some are improving, but it pains me to see our supplies dwindle.
90 It's just that logical knowledge of knowing you packed for four and then suddenly you need to provide for eight. Slight worry.
91 On the bright side, we met a guy named Derek the other day who said he's with a group of people called the Responders. Hopeful
92 003CB3A5 003CB3A7 I've started taking samples for analysis. Hopefully, the plants can still be used for some good old holistic treatments. Speaking more as a scientist
93 Raleigh's getting to work on a series of tests for the water and soil. I guess we can count ourselves lucky the air's breathable.
94 But this place... I grew up here and I barely recognize it. There's no way we were prepared for this. Kind of in awe of what she's seeing, but also knowing the potential dangers.
95 Toxicity levels, slight mutations, yes. But I'm telling you, Darwin would lose his mind out here. Fascinated again.
96 003CB3A6 003CB3AC July 15, 2079. Wow. Who would've thought a little radiation would turn this world upside down? Fascinated as a scientist.
97 We were down in those bunkers for what, a couple years? There's no way radiation did all this all by itself in that amount of time. Emphasis on the "alls" in "ALL this ALL by itself"
98 I mean, first off, this place is crawling with these orange-red vines, the likes of which there is no precedent for. Fascinated
99 I saw a toad that wouldn't fit in a bathtub, a 12 point with two heads, be still my heart, and insects you don't even want to know about. Fascinated and slightly disgusted. Ella has done her fair share of hunting. She'd love to mount those heads on her wall.
100 003CB4BD 003CB4C9 I was your best friend for over forty years. I trusted you to help me see this through...
101 If you acted like you gave a half a damn about anything besides yourself you could've helped me.
102 Maybe I never would've made the decision rebuild Harpers Ferry. Maybe half my family would still be alive...
103 003CB4BE 003CB4C6 Sam, where the hell are you? I could really use my best friend right now. Big sigh at the beginning. Addressing Sam, his best friend, who is MIA. More sad than angry.
104 This was our thing, you know. We were in this together.
105 Then you started in with the secrets, the no shows... You practically shoved Emily out the door, and now you're doing it to me? Frustrated. Emily was Sam's wife.
106 003CB4BF 003CB4C7 It's been... two weeks since I lost Trish and Marty. First time talking about losing his wife and oldest daughter.
107 Two weeks since we lost Harpers to those... things... those Scorched and that... nightmare. "Nightmare" is a Scorchbeast.
108 Two weeks of keeping it together for Mike and Megan... and all the others. Trying to be a strong father to his remaining two kids and leader to the other Free States members.
109 003CB4C0 003CB4C8 Derek told us they've been hitting up the Responders for manpower and supplies and not taking no for an answer. Thinking out loud to himself.
110 Well, they've got another thing coming if they try that over here, and we need to be ready.
111 003CB4C1 003CB4C5 I think it's time we claimed the Armory as our own territory. Thinking out loud to himself.
112 I'll need to get Eddie and Niraj to help out with some security measures.
113 Survivors are gonna hate it, but we gotta protect our own, especially against the damn Brotherhood.
114 003CB4C2 003CB4CC Having said all this out loud, I think I've finally come to a decision.
115 Now it's just going to be a matter of persuading the others that it's a good idea.
116 003CB4C3 003CB4CA Long story short, the town is a mess. People are dying. They need our "expertise," which I just took to mean help, supplies, you name it.
117 So I grabbed Marty and went out there to have a look, and yeah. It's bad.
118 Maybe... Had I only gone alone, maybe I could keep this hidden from everyone... But Marty couldn't hold back her tears for those folks.
119 003CB4C4 003CB4CB I was approached today by Miranda Vox.
120 Yep, the same woman who told me to shove my "movement" where the sun don't shine and get the hell out of "her" town.
121 She may be mayor of Harpers Ferry, or what's left of it, but I'm the one who's lived there all my life.
122 Grudges aside, she came asking for help.
123 003CB4D0 003CB4DF Look, if this is as big as you think it is, the Fire Breathers can handle any Raiders. Serious and determined.
124 But I need to know how this system works and see it in action first. Serious and determined
125 003CB4D1 003CB4E1 It's true, Hank. And this system would be done if it weren't for those damn Raiders. Irritated at Madigan's doubt. "Difficult" refers to the Raiders getting in their way.
126 003CB4D2 003CB4E6 This is a real game changer, Raleigh... if what you say is true. Getting serious.
127 003CB4D3 003CB4E0 It doesn't just lure them down. We found some research and tech at one of the Brotherhood's old outposts. Explaining
128 Ella realized if we can blast a Scorchbeast with a certain frequency, it disorients it long enough for us to go in and take it out.
129 Niraj and Abbie started work on the tech. We tested it. And it works. Says the last sentence with a pride.
130 003CB4D8 003CB4E3 Whoa, you're telling me you're luring those things down? You've got some balls, Free States.
131 Even with your numbers, taking on a beast is no easy task.
132 003CB4D9 003CB4E7 What you nearly broke was a Scorchbeast lure. It's the best defense we have against them. Explaining, more as a teacher/scientist then someone upset
133 003CB4DA 003CB4DE Hey, you guys are always holed up in your bunkers, how else can I get your attention? Casually speaking, almost joking.
134 Besides, a crazy contraption like that? Of course I'm gonna try to figure it out.
135 And by the way you guys came out fully armed and ready to fight, I'm guessing it's pretty big. Smirking
136 003CB4DB 003CB4E4 All right, Madigan, you want to explain why we found you out there tampering with our stuff? Not angry or threatening, they aren't enemies, but still a bit stern
137 003CB4DC 003CB4E2 I got it, Eddie, it's recording... Jesus. Slightly whispered. Frustrated because she's competent and doesn't appreciate being treated like she isn't.
138 003CB4DD 003CB4E5 Is it recording? Make sure it's recording. Slightly whispered. Wants to be sure he gets this conversation with Madigan, who they just ran into and agreed to talk.
139 003DC3A5 003DC3AD I... I don't even know how to say it... but JD's dead... I... I've murdered my own brother. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
140 After I found out he'd been stealing our supplies for Brianna Hawke, I couldn't wait, so I rushed out and found him scouting the ridge. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
141 I... I have a hard time remembering the rest. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
142 I don't know if he slipped, or I pushed too hard, but my brother... he fell... he's dead and it's all my fault. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
143 When Brianna found out what happened, she gathered her group and hit the cabin with everything they had. They wanted me dead. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
144 I killed them all, but they got in a lucky shot, and I don't think I'm going to last much longer. Probably better this way. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
145 This whole thing... what I did... it reminds me of a passage I read in the Bible once. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
146 "Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life present in him." Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
147 I guess... I proved that one right. Sad and weak. You're dying from a gunshot wound.
148 003DC3A6 003DC3B0 It's been weeks since I chased off Brianna Hawke, and I feel like I've wasted all of it trying to convince JD that he was better off without her.
149 I finally thought I was getting through, until I was cleaning up our cabin and found the goddamn notes they'd been passing to each other.
150 Instead of heading out to hunt, that hijo de perra's been stabbing me in the back by giving Brianna some of our supplies! Just in case: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/hijo%20de%20perra
151 After everything I've sacrificed for our family, how could he do this to me?!
152 When he gets back from today's "hunt" we're going to have a little chat about Brianna Hawke. And this time, I'm not going to just look the other way.
153 003DC3A7 003DC3B2 We were at our bunker when the Scorchbeasts attacked Harpers Ferry. It took them less than an hour to burn the place down.
154 When the attack was over, I thought Brianna was dead and that JD would return to his old self. When he didn't, I became suspicious.
155 Then Brianna shows up at our cabin with a small group of survivors and everything became clear.
156 She had conned JD, played him this entire time, pretending to love him to give herself and her friends an invite to our bunker.
157 Well, there was no way I was going to let that happen. I told her she could march right back to her cave and find her own place to survive.
158 When JD tried to stop me, I had to knock him out. That's when Brianna's people pushed back, and I fired some shots into the air to scare them away.
159 Now I have to deal with JD, and damn is he going to be pissed.
160 003DC3A8 003DC3AE For the past few years, my brother's been bummed out - like really sad, you know?
161 Personally, I don't think he's ever recovered from watching the world end. Hell, I don't think any of us have.
162 I tried to talk to him about it, but he kept pushing me away and changing the subject.
163 But after JD met Brianna Hawke in Harpers Ferry, things turned around. I guess she helped him out by giving him a different shoulder to cry on.
164 Why JD's more comfortable with her than his own brother, I'll never know.
165 Yeah, I'm kind of angry, maybe even a little jealous, but I'm going to let it go for his sake.
166 Still, there's something about Brianna that bugs me, so I'm going to keep an eye on her.
167 003DC3A9 003DC3AC When my brother JD & I answered the call to head into Harpers Ferry, we expected to find an organized Free States stronghold.
168 Now that we're here, it's obvious that no one knows what the hell they're doing.
169 The other Free States families are wasting precious resources trying to restore Harpers Ferry and create a safe haven for survivors.
170 Instead, they should be turning the town into a fort and stockpiling supplies to prep for the long haul.
171 We'll still pitch in, but we don't plan on sticking around long to see what happens.
172 We don't think that Harpers Ferry will ever be safe, so we're going to use our share of the supplies to reinforce the bunker at our cabin.
173 003DC3AA 003DC3B1 I don't know if I'm sick, or I'm dying, but my body has changed.
174 I've sought help, but people laugh at my appearance or turn me away.
175 I'm what people are calling a "ghoul," a name that sickens me to my stomach.
176 I've been chased out of my own home, and now I'm running from place to place hiding like a criminal.
177 A week ago, I was begging for food and was almost shot by someone who didn't want me near them. Well, I've had enough.
178 I found a note from someone named Lucy Harwick. She claims to run a place where people like me can go to live their life without being afraid.
179 I'm going to head out to Valley Galleria to see if it's true. I hope to god that it is, because I don't know how much more of this I can take.
180 003DC3AB 003DC3AF As my study of Hopewell Cave continues, I'm struck by the atypical nature of this Adena-based burial complex. Adena = ah-dee-nah
181 The Adena culture generally buried their dead in large mounds and similar hill-shaped earthworks.
182 Due to the primitive nature of the tools from 1000 to 200 BC, stone carving was not yet a part of their society.
183 However, archeologists who investigated this "skull cave" site removed remains and artifacts belonging to the Adena culture.
184 I wonder if it's possible that the remains of the Adena people were moved to this location well after their society ceased to exist? self-pondering a question
185 For one culture to treat another's with such reverence is unusual at best. I will continue my research to discover more.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003CB86F 003CB876 I programmed a holotape you'll want to give her, along with the uplink.
2 It explains how she can benefit from all this, and get her to help us out.
3 The only way we get the uplink set up is through that Ms. Nanny.
4 003CB870 003CB873 If you're hearing this, it should mean you've got yourself five upgraded detector motors and one working uplink.
5 Now for the fun part. First you need to repair the damaged Scorched Detectors in the Mire.
6 003CB871 003CB874 For these repairs, first you need to get to Raleigh Clay's bunker.
7 He's got replacement motors for the fans we use to keep the detectors dry.
8 And write this down... R+P421. It's Raleigh's password, and you'll need it. Giving info
9 If you didn't catch that or you want more info, you can always check my workstation terminal. It's all there. Good luck! Explaining.
10 003CB872 003CB875 If this message is playing, it means two things.
11 The good: you've got a working uplink! The bad: some of the Scorched Detectors in the area are malfunctioning and need upgraded parts. Mixed feelings due to the good and bad news.
12 It looks like my fear of the Mire's ecosystem wreaking havoc on them has come true. Disappointed
13 004E251B 004E2527 Abbie included instructions on how to install it, not like I need 'em, so you're off the hook there.
14 I guess all you have to do is make it back to her bunker for the next steps.
15 004E251C 004E2526 You hear that, Madigan? It's mission accomplished after all.
16 004E251D 004E2525 You see? Told you that gal was smart. Like I said, can't rebuild the Raiders with Scorched crawling all over the place.
17 Plus it's not like I'm risking my life here. Always a bonus.
18 So, looks like you got yourself a deal. I'll just take that little uplink off your hands...
19 004E251E 004E2529 For me? How thoughtful. Now, let's see... doesn't appear to be a virus. I could scan for... You know what? Screw it. I could use some excitement.
20 004E251F 004E252A And finally, once you're done, you get to come all the way back here. Yep, that's right. We're not done yet. Slightly apologetic.
21 004E2521 004E2523 Second, that communications uplink needs to be set up on the antennae at Top of the World.
22 You may or may not have encountered a lovely Ms. Nanny there that goes by the name Rose. "Lovely" is sarcastic, and maybe even "Rose" as well since this Ms. Nanny is super snarky.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 004E314B 004E315F But, sticking with the positive, you can find my heating coils in the storage room. Trying to be positive again.
2 Once you have those, you can use my workbench to make the upgraded motors. Explaining.
3 Once you have those, check in with the SDS terminal under Detector Motors Upgraded. Emphasis on "those" she's used this phrase "once you have those" two times in a row intentionally.
4 The next step could be a bit... risky? Frustrating? Well, you'll see. Playfully speculating on how the player will feel about their next step.
5 004E314C 004E3161 If so, yay, I'm not crazy, and this actually has a shot at working. A little excited when she says, "Yay, I'm not crazy" and then hopeful.
6 If not, well, that sucks... and I guess you should check my workstation to see if you can get back on track.
7 004E314D 004E3164 Here we go. Scenario 3. In my perfect world, you've returned in one piece with the motors and hopefully at least three heating coils. "here we go" is under the breath. She's hopeful, but not feeling very confident.
8 004E314E 004E315A Oops, I forgot to add. Scenario 1: Addendum.
9 Raleigh's got some schematics stashed away that can help you make some protective gear for all this swamp trekking.
10 It'll help you blend in, make it hard for Nature's latest evolutionary wonders to spot you, so could be useful. Abbie out! Adding enthusiasm on her "Abbie out!" She's being a little silly.
11 004E314F 004E3166 Good news is, I have two in my bunker. Bad news is, you need three more. Explaining.
12 Raleigh's sure to have some too, so do a sweep while you're there.
13 After that, your best bets are Ella Ames' bunker and the nearby Relay Tower.
14 Once you've got enough, head back my way. I've got your next steps set up to play once you're back... hopefully.
15 004E3150 004E315C From there, you have the exciting task of finding some heating coils to upgrade them. Trying to sound confident.
16 This will make the fans more effective to fight the moisture created by the swamp.
17 004E3151 004E315D Next step is to find the replacement motors. If memory serves, they are in his generator room with the workbench. Trying to sound confident.
18 004E3152 004E3159 Scenario 1: This means you've made it to Raleigh's bunker, which also means the Mire detector fans must have crapped out. Trying to sound confident, but also realizes the failing at the end.
19 004E3153 004E3160 For these repairs, first you need to get to Raleigh Clay's bunker.
20 He's got replacement motors for the fans we use to keep the detectors dry.
21 And write this down... R+P421. It's Raleigh's password, and you'll need it. Giving info
22 If you didn't catch that or you want more info, you can always check my workstation terminal. It's all there. Good luck! Explaining.
23 004E3154 004E315B If this message is playing, it means two things.
24 The good: you've got a working uplink! The bad: some of the Scorched Detectors in the area are malfunctioning and need upgraded parts. Mixed feelings due to the good and bad news.
25 It looks like my fear of the Mire's ecosystem wreaking havoc on them has come true. Disappointed
26 004E3155 004E315E If you're still there, I really hope you're willing to help a dead girl out. If so, good luck... and if not... well, enjoy dealing with the Scorched. Hopeful
27 And if by some chance this is Madigan, your timing sucks. Scolding on the second part. Sarcastic because she's dead.
28 004E3156 004E3163 First, you need to find the final communications uplink, and chances are high it'll need repairs. Explaining.
29 We entrusted it to a guy named Madigan and told him to place it on the antennae at Top of the World. Explaining.
30 Find the uplink. You can use my workbench here to repair it. Then check in at the main SDS terminal to trigger my next recording. Explaining.
31 004E3157 004E3162 I was with a group called the Free States. We gave our lives trying to finish what we called the Scorched Detection System. Explaining, sad
32 This system will let you know when the Scorched are coming and has the means to help deal with the Scorchbeasts. Explaining a system she's proud of.
33 If you can help, I've created a set of recorded instructions to complete the system. Explaining.
34 004E3158 004E3165 Greetings, stranger! Now, don't panic. My name is Abbie. I'm not your enemy, and this isn't a trap. Friendly and reassuring.
35 In fact, if you're hearing this... it means I'm not even alive. Disappointed on the second part.
36 004ECF2C 004ECF35 And finally, once you're done, you get to come all the way back here. Yep, that's right. We're not done yet. Slightly apologetic.
37 004ECF2D 004ECF34 I programmed a holotape you'll want to give her, along with the uplink.
38 It explains how she can benefit from all this, and get her to help us out.
39 The only way we get the uplink set up is through that Ms. Nanny.
40 004ECF2E 004ECF31 Second, that communications uplink needs to be set up on the antennae at Top of the World.
41 You may or may not have encountered a lovely Ms. Nanny there that goes by the name Rose. "Lovely" is sarcastic, and maybe even "Rose" as well since this Ms. Nanny is super snarky.
42 004ECF2F 004ECF30 If you're hearing this, it should mean you've got yourself five upgraded detector motors and one working uplink.
43 Now for the fun part. First you need to repair the damaged Scorched Detectors in the Mire.