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Abigail K. Tyson is a community manager at Bethesda Softworks, credited on Fallout 76.

Employment history

February 2016June 2017Adult Swim GamesProduction Assistant
June 2017January 2018Adult Swim GamesAssociate Marketing Producer
January 2018PresentBethesda SoftworksCommunity Manager


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76Community Manager

Other works

2016Small Radios Big TelevisionsProduction Assistant
2016HeadlanderProduction Assistant
2016Glittermitten GroveProduction Assistant
2017Rise & ShineProduction Assistant
2017Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-alityProduction Assistant
2017Battle Chef BrigadeAssociate Marketing Producer
2018The Elder Scrolls: BladesCommunity Manager