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Abandoned farmland

The abandoned farmland is an unmarked location in the exterior of Nuka-World.


Located a short trip east of the Hubologist's camp, it is a huge barren plot of farmland with two houses and a garage on its western side. There is one dirt road leading east towards the Nuka-station and another running in a north-south direction, connecting the houses with one another; the latter dirt road leads to the toxic dump and reconnects to the asphalted main road further southwest. Several half-sunken vehicles are found along the roads and multiple dead brahmin corpses, non-functional water pumps as well as two windmills are found throughout the area.

Outside the southern house is a Diamond City radio next to a makeshift fireplace, the house itself is empty except for a refrigerator. Next to the house are three silos, a tractor and a large yellow piece of machinery. Five carrot plants are also found here.

The northern house has several light chains attached to its facade. The first floor has some minor junk items, while the second floor holds a crib and a bottle of whiskey. Behind the house is a small field, containing five corn plants and one razorgrain as well as a bell and a doghouse. The nearby garage holds a rusted car and three cabinets.


The abandoned farmland appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka World.