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Abandoned Bog Town terminal entries

The abandoned Bog Town terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in the abandoned Bog Town in Fallout 76.


FO76 Abandoned Bog town Saboteur's Terminal.jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in Scott Turner's trailer inside the large shed in the northwest side of town. It is a level 0 locked terminal.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
A Private Citizen's Machine



I do NOT grant anyone the right to look through the contents of this device.

You must have a warrant to access this machine.

Encrypted Message 4.24.77

Note: Accessing this entry progresses the quest Mayor for a Day.



Where the hell are you? I know the world's gone crazy, but we need you here! Please, if you get this, come in. This is the safest place around for miles. Certainly safer than that rusting tin can you call a home.

Something's gone terribly wrong at Watoga. All the robots have gone offline, or, if those insane reports are to be believed, they all went berserk and are killing everyone.

It's not just our bots. It's all of them. So it must be something with the universal control protocols. But we can't seem to revert to earlier updates.

You're our best programmer. Hell, you wrote most of the control protocols yourself. We need you!

I tried to get into your office hoping I'd find something helpful on your terminal, but none of the department badges work. IT says there's been some kind of screw up and only your badge will get us in. Why they can't just override that I don't know. RobCo IT, the best and brightest in the industry, right?

Look. Just get here if you can. If not... be safe.

-- K. Hayward

Encrypted Message 2.12.77


It's okay. A little wordy. But it gets the job done.

I still think "People's Party" is a little too commie for my taste. But, we voted. And I'm still a believer in democracy, so...

You still going to print these at work? Or do I need to "acquire" printer ribbons from somewhere?

Encrypted File


Draft 14 (final?)

We toiled in their fields,
   they let us starve.
We filled their coffers with gold,
   they filled our lungs with sludge.
We broke our backs,
   they broke our hearts.
We told them of our pain,
   they hooked us on their painkillers.
We voted,
   they stole our elections.
We asked for fair wages,
   they bled us dry.
We demanded safe work places,
   they took our jobs away.
We wanted a normal life,
   they foreclosed our American dream.
We were friends,
   they made us suspicious of our neighbors.
We organized,
   they sent us to die in foreign counties.
We proclaimed our Humanity,
   they renounced their own.
We wear tired but proud faces of real women and men,
   they hide behind tin can butlers and plastic faces.
We want a world lived in by men,
   they want a graveyard patrolled by robots.
It is time we unite to overthrow them and their soulless machines!

Watoga belongs to WE THE PEOPLE!

The Free Watoga People's Party

Encrypted Message 1.15.77


Sorry man. I know you really wanted to bring Keith into the fold. But he can't be trusted. Not yet. He might agree with our principles, but he doesn't have the stomach for what needs to happen. Not yet anyway. Once the Party takes off, once we have something to show, then maybe. But until then, he's more of a liability than an asset. (Heh, maybe you are starting to rethink that whole "this is a democracy" thing?)

Encrypted Message 12.26.76


Okay. Thought about what you said last night. I'm in.

But we need a better name. No one is going to care if they think it's just the three of us. We need a name that makes it sound like a real movement.

How does "The Free Watoga People's Party" sound?

Free, as in freedom. Who doesn't want more of that? And people, because it's time we the people actually take a stand against all these damn robots taking over everything. And party, like we're a legit force, and we know how to organize. And also, like we know how to party! Like last night!! I had no idea you could dance like that. Remind me to get you drunk more often!

Safe Control

Note: Accessing this entry allows the disengage lock command to be selected, which opens the wall safe within the file cabinet next to the desk with the terminal. It is locked and requires Picklock level 0.


Safe Lock Mechanism Status: LOCKED

Disengage Lock


...Checking Clearance.............
...Disabling Locking Mechanism....