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Aaron Meyers worked as a 3D Artist at Black Isle Studios on both Project Jefferson (the canceled Baldur's Gate 3: The Black Hound) and Van Buren. He was responsible for level creation and level lighting. He is also credited as an IS technician for the Fallout Demo. After Black Isle's closure, he joined Obsidian Entertainment as Lead Artist.

Employment history

2013PresentinXile EntertainmentLead Artist / Art Director
20032010Obsidian EntertainmentLead Artist
19972003Black Isle StudiosArtist / Senior Production Art Lead
19951997Interplay EntertainmentQuality Assurance


Fallout series

1997Fallout DemoIS Technician
-Van BurenArtist

Other work (excerpt)

2010Alpha ProtocolLead Artist
2014Wasteland 2Environment Art


Aaron Meyers is referenced in Fallout 2 through as the captain of the PMV Valdez.