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Okay, let's get the fuck out of here. What the hell are you waiting for – do you think I want to get shot? Let's go.

Aaron Kimball is the president of the New California Republic in Fallout: New Vegas.[2]


Kimball is described as the "Hero of the Mojave," serving as a general, NCR council member, and Hub governor before his presidency.[3] His popularity stemmed from a successful campaign in 2270 against tribals who attacked NCR citizens, referred to as the "Pacification of the Mojave."[4][Pub 1]

Kimball retired from the military in 2273, and began a political career.[Pub 2] The NCR Embassy Ambassador Dennis Crocker managed Kimball's first run for a seat on the New California Republic Council.[5] He replaced Wendell Peterson as president shortly thereafter.[Pub 2]


Ordering the occupation of Hoover Dam was his first act of office.[3] The water and electricity that resulted from this initiative increased President Kimball's popularity further.[3] Kimball overturned President Tandi's policies limiting animal and acreage ownership, benefitting the Stockmen's Association and Republican Farmer's Committee.[Pub 3] Under Kimball's administration, male military officers are promoted disproportionately to females.[Pub 4]

The president's support of patriotism is constant, but citizens and soldiers alike are impatient, expressing the desire to quickly annex the Mojave, end the conflict, and return the NCR forces back home.[Pub 5][Pub 6] Veterans such as Chief Hanlon comment on the logistical challenges faces by Kimball's initiatives, resulting in slow transport of supplies and reinforcements, as well as the most experienced troops ordered elsewhere.[6] Ulysses remarks that Kimball is "hollow," relying on others to strengthen the NCR.[7]

His failure to annex the Mojave over the last seven years, coupled with the high cost of occupying a foreign land, have eroded his popular support.[3] Kimball's presidency and legacy rely on successfully annexing the Mojave for the NCR.[8][9]

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Hoover Dam speech

Thank you, Colonel Moore. And thank you, my fellow Californians, who have come so far to answer the call to service put forth by the republic. It is for you that I have come here, and it is because of you that I am able to do so. We enjoy our privileges because you take the greatest of risks and are prepared to make the most noble of sacrifices. It is because of men and women like Private First Class Jeremy Watson that Nevada and the New California Republic remain free and secure.

Born in a tin shack on the outskirts of One Pine, Jeremy Watson never had it easy. His father worked as a caravan guard on the Short Loop, and his mother, like many Californians, braved the ruins of the Old World as a prospector. They suffered through water shortages, raider attacks, and the Brotherhood War. Like our mighty Sierra Nevadas, they endured. But the time came when they could no longer shoulder the burden alone. Twelve years ago, they called out for help, and the republic heard them.

Troopers and rangers, just like you, answered the clarion call. Men and women stepped forward to say, "I will carry the weight." And at Owen's Lake, we made true on our promise, driving out the raider tribes to establish a lasting peace in the eastern Sierra Nevadas. We carried the weight, and though we left behind many of our brothers and sisters on that battlefield, it did not break us.
Ten years ago, Chief Elise met with representatives of the Desert Rangers to discuss terms of what would become the Ranger Unification Treaty. The treaty was more than a resolution to welcome the Desert Rangers into the republic. It was a covenant to protect southern Nevada against Caesar's Legion and the tyranny of his regime.

There are some back home who ask me, "But who are we protecting? What is Nevada to us?" Sometimes we forget that the light of our society shines beyond our borders. Sometimes we take those privileges for granted that our forebears fought so hard to achieve. We must always remember that wherever Californians stand, we carry our principles with us: equal respect, representation, and protection under the laws of a just republic. This was the same fire that burned in the heart of the Old World that preceded us. We are the heirs of that civilization, torchbearers eastward of the Pacific, into the darkness of this wasted land.

When the republic called on the men and women of California to carry that fire across the Mojave, Jeremy Watson answered. You answered. Together, you carried the weight. And when PFC Watson's platoon came under attack at Forlorn Hope, he took the greatest risk, not only for his fellow Californians, but for California itself. He was prepared to make the most noble of sacrifices, to defend the principles of our republic, even here, on Nevada soil.
His actions are a beacon to all of us who stand here today in tribute to his valor. Private First Class Jeremy Watson, on behalf of the senate and people of the New California Republic, it is my honor to present you with the Star of Sierra Madre.

Not far from this spot, a monument stands as a tribute to the sacrifice made by those who came before us, the men and women who fulfilled the promise we made to the Desert Rangers. Its back is inscribed with the names of the troopers and rangers who carried the weight. And because they made the most noble of sacrifices, it did not break us.

Four years ago, we held this dam. Four years ago, we carried the weight. Four years ago, we drew a line through the Mojave as clear as the Colorado River, a line that Caesar cannot cross. Today, you stand here with our brothers and sisters to hold that line. Today, you honor all Californians by carrying that weight. Today, you are the waves of the Pacific, pushing ever eastward. You are the sequoias rising from the Sierra Nevadas, defiant and enduring. You are the great western light of California, torchbearers in the darkness, living reminders of all that is best in our republic.

Thank you. Thank you.

(Okay, let's get the fuck out of here. What the hell are you waiting for – do you think I want to get shot? Let's go.)


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President Kimball's suit Hoover Dam key



Aaron Kimball appears in Fallout: New Vegas, and is mentioned in its add-ons Dead Money and Lonesome Road.



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