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A trader and guards

A trader and guards is a scripted special encounter in Fallout 2. This encounter only occurs in four squares north of Modoc and a perimeter block of two squares in all directions.


A trader named Willy with some guards appears. He has something he wants to sell. Unfortunately, the Chosen One falls asleep while talking to him and must then choose whether to buy a weapon without knowing exactly what it is.


What weapons he might be carrying depends on the player character's level:

Level Items
1+ Sharpened spear, spiked knuckles
1-3 Knife, rock, spear
1-5 Throwing knife, 10mm pistol, crowbar, club, brass knuckles, Red Ryder BB gun
1-10 Sharpened pole
3-5 Combat knife, Desert Eagle .44, double-barrel shotgun, hunting rifle
6-10 10mm SMG
6+ 14mm pistol, cattle prod
8+ Ripper
10+ Power fist
11-15 Assault rifle, sniper rifle
13+ Alien blaster
15-20 Minigun

The script picks one of these weapons at random and then checks to see if the level requirement is met. If the alien blaster was picked, a Luck check must also be passed or the result is re-rolled.

The price Willy asks in dialogue is the weapon's usual barter value (excluding ammunition) multiplied by (11-LK), meaning he'll ask $10000 for the alien blaster if the Luck stat is 10. Just hitting barter may yield a better price.


  • Using the Steal skill on him before talking to him will reveal what weapon he will offer to sell (he'll have 1-5 of them), as will pressing the barter button in dialogue.
  • This special encounter will happen any number of times; even after killing Willy and his guards, it is still possible to get the same encounter again.