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A father's goodbye

A father's goodbye is a holotape in Fallout 76, introduced in The Legendary Run update.


Inside Monongah Mine, on a wooden barrel next to a floodlight, straight ahead after entering.



Earle Williams: Hey Mags... listen, I know I messed up. I never should have came into this mine in the first place... a few supplies ain't worth all this. Don't you for one second start thinking that I left you on purpose, and don't be going and blaming yourself either. I can't be there for you anymore, but you're tough and I know you'll be okay... Never forget your pops loves you more than anything.


  • The holotape was first added to the game's files with Wastelanders, but was only made accessible once A Colossal Problem debuted.
  • The holotape can optionally be returned to Maggie Williams, who will be thankful for it, giving the player 15 caps, but the holotape will be removed from the player character's inventory. It can, however, be re-obtained by entering the mine again during A Colossal Problem.