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A Pillar of the Community

A Pillar of the Community is an unmarked quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Engage conversion with Brother Thomas. Kill the Pillars of the Community.

Detailed walkthrough

The leader of this cult, under the name Brother Andrew, Brother Simon, Brother James or Brother Matthew, will try to convince the Sole Survivor to join their group. He will make grand statements about improving the lives of everyone in the Commonwealth. If the Sole Survivor agrees to join the group, he will take the Survivor into the back and ask them to forfeit all of their worldly possessions in favor of the Pillars of the Community.

If the Sole Survivor questions this, the leader will reveal his true intentions as a con-man, and threaten the Survivor's life. It is possible to pass a Speech check that allows the Survivor to leave with all of their possessions, without causing a fight. If the player refuses his proposition, he and all of his followers will immediately become hostile and attack.

If the player character does kill the leader and his followers, he will respawn as Brother Thomas during the quest Emogene Takes a Lover. There will then a Speech check that allows the player to intimidate him, saying that they "killed the last guy running this scam." This option does not appear unless the Sole Survivor has completed this quest first.


If the quest Emogene Takes a Lover is completed without visiting the location previously, this quest cannot be started or completed, as the leader will simply refuse to talk to the Sole Survivor. There is an exception to this, however: if Emogene Takes a Lover is completed by using a stealth approach (i.e. sneaking into the room where Thomas holds Emogene and freeing her without anyone noticing Sole Survivor) this quest can still be started later on.