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It's with great pleasure, and the utmost respect that you are hereby granted the title of Sentinel. This is the highest honor a Brotherhood soldier can achieve, but we both felt strongly that it was well deserved.Arthur Maxson

A New Dawn is a Brotherhood of Steel main quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Brotherhood of Steel main quest: A New Dawn
Return to the Prydwen.
Speak to Elder Maxson.
Reward: 300+ XP
T-60 jetpack
Rank of Sentinel
Leads to: Reactor Coolant

Detailed walkthrough

Elder Maxson has ordered the Sole Survivor back to the Prydwen for their final debriefing. They are awarded the title of Sentinel and granted a jetpack for their power armor. Maxson informs the Sole Survivor that quests continue to be available at Cambridge Police Station and from Kells. In addition, Reactor Coolant (a request from Proctor Ingram) is now available. The completion of this short quest signals the end of the Brotherhood's main questline, as well as their primary mission in the Commonwealth.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Return to the PrydwenThe Institute has been totally destroyed. Elder Maxson has ordered me back to the Prydwen for my final debriefing.
30 Speak to Elder Maxson
255Quest finishedQuest completeFor my part in the destruction of the Institute, I've been promoted to Sentinel. My primary mission might be complete, but there's still plenty of work to do to ensure the total security of the Commonwealth.
355Quest failedQuest failed


  • The player is supposed to receive this quest if they complete The Nuclear Option with the Minutemen and aren't hostile with the Brotherhood, however due to a glitch, this quest does not trigger.
    • If on PC, the player can activate the outcome of this quest via the console command setStage 00182EAE 10. In-game dialogue even acknowledges that the player character sided with the Minutemen, which Kells disapproves of. After entering said command, if one uses the console to travel directly to Maxson, the dialogue will not trigger. Instead, one will need to travel to the Prydwen using the regular map marker which puts them on the flight deck. Then use the normal entrance doorway to the command deck (accessed from the flight deck).
  • The player character can joke with Elder Maxson after being promoted to sentinel, saying "Watch out Elder Maxson...I'm only one step away from Elder."


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Upon returning to the Prydwen, Elder Maxson may be residing in his personal quarters on the main deck rather than the bridge, making it impossible for his dialogue to advance any further, preventing the quest from being able to be completed. [verified]

  • PCPC This problem can be rectified on PC by going to the bridge and using console commands to move Maxson to the player, use the prid 0001cc18 command in the console to select Maxson, then use the function "moveto player". His dialogue should now proceed normally once he is in the area.
  • Xbox OneXbox One There's also a confirmed workaround for the Xbox One if you have a save prior to completion of The Nuclear Option. If you fast-travel immediately to the Prydwen from the roof of Mass Fusion, sprint directly to the Prydwen bridge, then sprint straight to Elder Maxson, it's possible to catch him for the mission dialogue just before he reaches the entry to the main deck, thereby enabling completion.