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Prevent Libby O'Brien's Mine from burning up

Event: A Mine of Her Own is a cut event in Fallout 76.


Upon entering an abandoned mine you meet a Robobrain named Libby O'Brien. Harvest the mine for minerals and scrap before it collapses by using Auto-Miners A, B, and C (Alan, Benny, and Carlos). Defend Libby while she repairs the ventilation system at three panels, which allows you to progress deeper into the mine. Mole miners and Liberators will attack you during the event.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Protect Libby O'Brien
Control Panel Repair Status ({percentage_ControlPanel}%)
Defeat the Deathclaw
(Optional) Find Hidden Kobolds ({CollectibleCountCurrent}/{CollectibleCountTotal})
(Optional) Reboot Auto-Miners ({AutoMinerCountCurrent}/{AutoMinerCountTotal})


  • The event is almost identical to Lode Baring.
  • The Auto-Miners are referred to as "Automated Miners,"[1] and enter Safe-Mode when exposed to too much heat.[2]


  1. Libby O'Brien: "If you see any Automated Miners snoozing in their pods , overwrite their safety protocols. "Safety last," as I like to say."
  2. Libby O'Brien: "Where the hell are my miners? Oh... Right. The heat probably forced them into Safe-Mode"