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A Habitat for Beasts

Event: A Habitat for Beasts is a cut event in Fallout 76. It was repurposed into Event: Project Paradise and tied to Arktos Pharma instead.


An automated research project set up by a Brotherhood Scribe researching The Mire continues long after the Scribe perished. Quercus requires the dwellers' assistance in attracting friendly creatures for study.


  • The event requires players to first place lures in the receptacles to attract the creatures. The choices are:
    • Venison, attracting ...
    • Radkelp, attracting ...
    • Garbage, attracting ...
  • After the creatures appear, the task switches to defense: Players need to protect their new "friends" against three waves of monsters: Gulpers, anglers, and finally, an alpha fog crawler. After that is accomplished, the quest end. Even if they die, however, players receive a small reward as encouragement.