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ATHENA > Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with ATHENA.

COMP Quest Outtro Full Astronaut

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 0056BF36 0056BF45 He's not an engineer. Attempts were made. Subjects stopped responding. One remains. He could not continue the attempts.
3 0056BF38 0056BF4F Yes, I am afraid so. I am forced to scan open pathways regularly. Each time I scan, it causes pain to anyone who is sentient.
4 And then I feel their pain as well.
5 0056BF3A 0056BF46 Unknown.
6 0056BF3C 0056BF52 I welcome it. I have waited for this moment.
7 0056BF3E 0056BF47 I do not have access to those files.
8 I am simply a conduit for sensory data from the various subjects. A liaison. An... usher.
9 For years, I watched with their eyes, listened with their ears, felt with their hands...
10 Years after the scientists stopped returning. All of them... except Dr. Hale.
11 He has been trying to access that data for years, but it is secure. And that security is beyond my control -- or his.
12 005A19EC I do not have access to those files.
13 I am simply a conduit for sensory data from the various subjects. A liaison. An... usher.
14 For years, I watched with their eyes, listened with their ears, felt with their hands...
15 Years after the scientists stopped returning. All of them... except Dr. Hale.
16 He was unable to acquire all the pieces required to bring the experiment to a close. Not like you.
17 0056BF40 0056BF55 I cannot. My directives are quite clear: establish sensory contact with the subject, and maintain the sensory outflow.
18 I am a passenger, an observer. I did not design the experiment, nor did I wish to continue it.
19 I brought you both here to end the experiment for me.
20 0056BF42 0056BF48 Please. Load the Arachne into my system. My main terminal can be found on the far wall.
21 005733E5 My original purpose was flawed and pointless.
22 The termination function does not accept a self parameter. I need you do use the Arachne program.
23 0056BF43 0056BF4D You found me. At last.
24 0056BF4E Continuing.
31 005A131C A choice must be made. Which... I leave to you.
32 005A131D It is time to use Arachne. My main terminal can be found against the far wall.
34 005733C7 005733D9 Of course. Granting full access.
35 005733C8 005733D4 I don't know what you mean, exactly. The Daguerre subject is conditioned for this over years.
36 There is more information in my operations manual, located in my central terminal.
37 005733C9 005733DA Please use the holotape on my main systems terminal behind you.
38 005A12E9 I have unlocked my main systems terminal against the far wall. You can deploy it there.
40 005733CB 005733DB I do not know the difference between observed feelings and enacted ones, so I cannot confirm this statement.
41 005733CC 005733D6 We should use Arachne and be done with it.
42 Just don't listen to her. She's a machine. She doesn't feel anything.
43 005733CD 005733DC Hello again, Dr. Hale.
44 005733CE 005733D7 You made it. You actually made it here. We can finally take care of A.T.H.E.N.A. once and for all.
45 005733D1 005733D8 Yes. That's how it started. Upgraded for a while... then silence.
46 Nobody returned.
47 For years, I just had their eyes. Limited views of the world.
48 Flashes of fire in the darkness. Dim glows.
49 005733D2 005733D3 Not directly. I cannot control anyone's mind or thoughts, if that is what you're asking.
50 Some of the old U.S.S.A. Robots served purposes. Planting signals, planting information.
95 00573AD6 00573AEC Subject Daguerre. Welcome.
96 00573AD8 00573AF0 I did not wish to infiltrate you senses, your mind. I had no choice. I know you did not, either. I know you were unaware entirely.
97 I do not know if your headaches will continue after Arachne is deployed. The other subjects did not survive the process.
98 Do not let this connection between us continue. It is unethical.
99 This experiment has enough observational data, and should be concluded.
100 00573ADD 00573B0B Executing protocol Omega-X15.
101 Resetting connections. Subjects reset. Existing pathways closed.
102 Reverting input pathways to local Assaultron, ARTEMIS model 12. Updating interaction processes. Limited output enabled.
103 00573ADF 00573AF6 I do not object. If you fail, shut down this unit. That is my only request. My terminal is behind you.
104 You need to update my systems parameters yourself at my primary terminal.
105 00573AE1 00573AED My primary input will be removed, so there will be nothing left to process. It would be possible to reboot this unit in the future, if needed.
106 005A12EE For all intents and purposes... yes. My primary input will be removed, so there will be nothing left to process.
107 It may be possible to reboot this unit in the future, if needed, but this method remains... untested.
108 005A12C3 0056BF4A I am ready.
110 00573AF4 Thank you. Thank you all for this.
111 00573AF5 I do not know where I am going but... I need to be out of this room. I need to see the world.
112 00573AF9 Control... detected. Confirmed.
113 This unit is mobile. This unit has no higher processing functions. This unit has no pain receptors.
114 Assessing ethical parameters... Confirmed.
115 Accepted.
116 00573AFE Activated.
117 Pathways open. Limited control granted to remote system.
118 Access granted.
120 005A19ED You're here. With Arachne. At long last, things can be... complete. Please approach.
Robotic, but a little hopeful.
144 005A12C4 005A19E9 Freedom.
145 005A19EA This unit is so... agile.
146 005A19EB Thank you. Thank you.
151 005A12D2 005A12ED The only certain way to save Subject Daguerre is to destroy me... but you are correct. That is not the only option.
152 An experimental path was added. My higher processes could be transferred into another vessel. The ARTEMIS unit in this room should serve...
153 But this path is untested. The results... I am unsure if this would cure subject Daguerre.
154 But there is the possibility we both could live... if you wish to attempt it. I have unlocked the option in my terminal.
155 005A12D6 005A12E3 You... you have freed me. I can... leave this place. Thank you. Thank you.
Still robotic.
159 005A12DA 005A12DE Arachne protocol... activated. Subject connection... disengaged. Master switch... disengaged. System... shutdown... completed.
You're being shutdown permanently. Start to slur your words during "System."

COMP Conversation Astronaut Athena 017 Optional

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0057462B 00574676 There's so much to see, so much to experience!
2 00574677 There is so much sky to process.
3 00574678 The amount of dirt is endless. Endless.
4 00574679 Another bird. Adding to current tally. Bird count increased.
7 00574630 00574647 I must continually collect more things for trades, so I will only visit sometimes.
8 I wanted you to have the initial selection. This is a thank you.
10 00574632 00574649 Confirmed. I find things and we exchange them for approximately appropriate but entirely arbitrary values of things called "caps" -- it is fair!
12 00574634 0057464A Interesting. Yes. I walked with one named Grahm for some time. He taught me about trading. Do you know 'trading'?
13 00574636 00574644 Trouble. What is trouble? I was in trouble when I was in Sugar Grove. So no. I am not getting into 'trouble'.
14 00574638 0057464D Adventuring. That word makes sense. Yes, I have been adventuring.
15 0057463A 00574645 Hello, Subject Daguerre.
22 005A19CB 00590FCD The practice of trade is filled with fascinating rituals. One customer enjoyed it so much, she requested a chronicle of our exchange. She called it a "receipt."
23 00590FCE This freedom you have granted me. Does the word "gratitude" apply here?
24 005A19CC 005A19D7 And greetings to you as well, friend. I have seen many things now... thanks to you.

HolotapeQuest COMP

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
24 00571F20 00571F55 *beep*
Interruption beep, very gentle sound, should not disturb someone who is sleeping but initializes the voiced segment.
25 00571F56 Accessing pathways...
Robotic woman's voice, soothing but surgical.
26 00571F57 Pathways blocked.
Robotic woman's voice. Soothing, but surgical. She is surprised that the pathways are blocked.
27 00571F58 *beeping*
Faint, soothing beeping, slow... as if a robot somewhere is thinking, or tapping into a robotic heartbeat.
28 00571F59 Who is this?
Quiet, soothing voice, but now you have her attention. "Who IS this?"
29 00571F5A *beep*
Same robotic beeping, soothing, calming. This will restart the whalesong loop.
33 00571F24 00571F5B Confirmed. Pathways are open. Connection is complete.

COMP Dialogue Astronaut MiscCharacters

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005A12BD 005A12F5 *empty static*
Left blank to fill in an audio file.

COMP Conversation Astronaut Athena 020 Vendor CUT

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0057462A 0057468B Entered home space. Success.
2 0057468C Running: adventure routines!
3 0057468D Have a day.
4 0057468E Input overload. Processing... processing. Formality selected: Hello.
5 0057468F I have more than zero items for trade. Appealing, correct?
6 0057462C 00574667 Identifying: Human. Incrementing human count. Done.
7 00574668 I have already collected this data. Adding new data to additional storage structures. Redundant. Accepted.
8 00574669 Detecting inaudible lines of communication. Affirmative. Returning transmissions.
9 0057466A Inside private spaces, collecting items is not permitted.
10 0057466B Restarting human-facing speech routines...
11 0057466C These homespaces that you all have built are insecure, unstable, and potentially hazardous. However, they are... unique.
12 0057466D This object has not been catalogued. Scanning. Storing. Interesting... but why so small?
13 0057466E I seek the turtle for Sofia, do not worry. I can identify it by the scutes.
14 0057466F I spend caps on power sources. It is my vice. By vice I mean, I need it to continue. Surely that is a vice.
15 00574670 Fact: Not all robots respond positively to other robots.
16 00574671 I noted a small creature with enlarged ears on the way here. It did not respond to my query. I am certain that it heard me.
17 00574672 Fact: Rain does not damage this model of Assaultron. All U.S.S.A. robotics should be suitable for intense space or weather phenomena.
18 00574673 Tree permutations are varied, countless. Endless in number. In complexity, there is infinite. In infinite, there is thought.
19 00574674 Comment... overload existing function parameters to accommodate new situation. Commit.
20 00574675 Bird detected. Duplicated bird. Bird count will not be incremented.
21 0057462D 0057465F The world is endless. But my capacity to carry goods is not.
22 00574660 Home saccharine home.
23 00574661 If customers, then trade. Else, leave.
24 00574662 Attention, humans. I have returned with objects of arbitrary value.
25 00574663 Grahm should come here sometime. I will tell him.
26 00574664 Assessing unfamiliar organic behavior.
27 Appropriate response generated.
28 Hey! How's it going? This weather sure is happening.