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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a script file, which runs certain tasks in the game upon execution.
Type Source file
SCRIPTS.LST comment Goo in the Garden Map
MSG file N/A

        Copyright 1998-2003 Interplay Entertainment Corp. All rights reserved.
        Name: Mynoc (The Bridge Guard)
        Location: Arroyo
        Log: The defines for VAULT_KNOWN, VISITED_OTHER_TOWN, & VISITED_TOWN_MULTIPLE_TIMES need to be changed
             when the functionality is available to fit the designer's script.
           Created: December 01, 1997
/* Include Files */
#include "..\headers\define.h"
//#include "..\headers\<TownName.h>"
#define NAME SCRIPT_KTGOO // msg file for Klamath goo.
#include "..\headers\command.h"
#define MIN_DMG_SPATIAL (1)
#define MAX_DMG_SPATIAL (3)
#define DAMAGE_TYPE DMG_plasma
procedure start;
procedure spatial_p_proc;
procedure start begin
procedure spatial_p_proc begin