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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a script file, which runs certain tasks in the game upon execution.
Type Source file
SCRIPTS.LST comment Spatial telling the player about Nagor dead
MSG file N/A

        Copyright 1998-2003 Interplay Entertainment Corp. All rights reserved.
           Please note any changes that have been made to the file in Updated. Then comment
           the code which you have changed/altered/commented out. Please, do not delete any
           code which was written.
/* Include Files */
/* Note, the Following Lines need to be in this order so that
   the script will be compilable. The define Name is referenced
   in a module from define.h and used in command.h. Please do
   not change the ordering.
        -rwh2 11/13/97
#include "..\headers\define.h"
#include "..\headers\command.h"
procedure start;
procedure spatial_p_proc;
#define LVAR_Say_Once (0)
procedure start begin
procedure spatial_p_proc begin
   if ((local_var(LVAR_Say_Once) == 0) and (global_var(GVAR_ARROYO_DOG) == DOG_RUN_OFF)) then begin