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Atomic Mining Services is the industry leader in alternative drilling operations throughout Appalachia.AMS Corporate HQ terminal

Atomic Mining Services, AMS, or Automated Mining Services was a pre-War mining company that operated in the Appalachia region.


The company was engaged in research and development centered on deep mining methods and extraction of ultracite.[1] AMS initially invested in efforts around Welch, but the attempts resulted in numerous underground detonation failures and subsequent environmental damage around Mount Blair.[2] As a result, AMS pulled out of the area, citing "technical failures," and causing a significant crash in the city's economy.[3][4]

The company's interest in the town was reignited when veins of raw ultracite were discovered there after the fact. The company attempted to forcibly evict townspeople from their homes in order to extract the ore utilizing Excavator power armor, claiming that they had "resource rights to the land."[3][5] This caused backlash among residents, resulting in violence and National Guard involvement.[6][7]

Atomic Mining Services financed the Watoga project, with the aim of creating a "city of the future."[8][9][10] Civil services and municipal management needs were handled by a variety of RobCo Industries and General Atomics International robot models, from the RobCo Protectron to the General Atomics Mister Handy.[11] Two roadways are named after the company, including AMS W St and AMS E St.




Atomic Mining Services appears only in Fallout 76.

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